She didn’t know what to do or what to say. Sometimes she thought that this was all a dream and one day she’ll wake up and everything will be back to normal. But now the truth was in front of her eyes. Her mother’s name was Alex and Serianna didn’t know where she was. She decided to find her mom because she wanted to know the reason why she left her. Now, she had a mission to complete. She took the picture, hid it in her shirt and quietly went back to her room. She started making plans. But, she had a problem, she couldn’t ask about Alex’s disappearance to Aunt Veniz or Justin because they might try to stop her from finding Alex. Suddenly , a question popped up in her mind What if Alex is dead? She got scared, but she had a feeling that she might not be dead. She was inclined to the hope that she would find the answers in ‘The Flashback’

She quickly opened her cupboard and took out the book. She started reading it

CHAPTER 17: Believe Tour (Part 2)

It’s been a month now since Justin went to the tour, he use to call me everyday till two weeks, but now he only calls me when he has time which means I don’t get a call for days. The university is entirely messed up it feels like Andrea is trying to be my friend again, but the thing is that I don’t want any friends, I want to be alone. While I was working on my project  “The history of the Dutch” I got a call from an unknown number and I picked it up it was Justin but it was Louisa my friend who wanted my history notes.

Justin had promised me he would call me tonight, but he didn’t. I kept waiting for the call and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning. I checked my phone in case I’ve missed a call from Justin but I didn’t. I wasn’t angry with him even thought it was the 5th time in a row because I know he must be really busy. I brushed my teeth, took a shower, I wore mine recently brought crop top and shorts with a pair of sports shoes And packed my bag and was off to the university.

I attended my first  two  boring lectures. Then I went to the library. I was finding a good book to read, when suddenly I saw Justin’s photo I couldn’t see the article and other photos as the newspaper was folded. I didn’t bother to open it up because it had a heading “Fun at Believe Tour” and I knew about all his plans and what he did there so it didn’t really matter. Only I nevertheless got the paper with me so that I could record it later on my classes.

There in the middle of  the class I saw Kristen-my high school enemy- with her new hair cut and pink streaks wearing a mini skirt with a tube top, entering the class. I experienced something bad is going to happen because whenever I saw that idiot’s face my day gave way to the “Bad Day” mode automatically. She came and sat beside me. She turned her ugly face towards me and said “ I heard you are dating Scott.”

“Good, if you heard that, then you probably need hearing aids” I said in a mocking spirit.

“ Don’t lie everybody knows that.”

“ You should leave before I make your ugly face more uglier”

The bell rang, she gave me, a destroying look and walked out of the class. She always arrived with all the bullshit.She is one of the girls who vaunted about their beauty , richness, boyfriends etc.

 Scott is the captain of the university’s basketball team and Kristen liked him a lot. At the university, Scott saw Kristen many times, but she is completely oblivious to him. To be fair, I never actually liked him. Scott is arrogant and lacking in morals, Why would I date a dumb, vapid  person like Scott when I have Justin? Even though I don’t care about Kristen’s astringent criticism about my life,  Sometimes I wished I could go and tell Kristen on her face that I am not interested in her fake boyfriends and I could tell her that I am dating JUSTIN BIEBER but I can’t because our relationship is a secret.

While I walked out of the class, I saw Trisha and her friends. They are courteous and they always help me with my projects. I went to them.

“Hey, ” I said

“Hey Alex!” Trisha and her friends said in unison

“What are you guys babbling about?”

“Justin Bieber” one of them said.

“I think Justin looks very cute with Selena. They should get married” Trisha said and her friends agreed.

No matter how much I hated this line, I had to agree with them because if I didn’t they would probably kill me for not liking JELENA- the name they gave to Justin and Selena.

I didn’t really care because I knew the truth.

After the university, I got back home. I worked upon a few of my projects, then I started reading my book which I borrowed from the library today when I got a call from Sharon, I picked it up at once.

“Alex!” Sharon said I could sense the tension in her voice.

“Hey Sharon! How are you?” I said.

“Listen, Is everything alright between you and Justin?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Nothing. I just got scared seeing the today’s newspaper”

“Newspaper? Why?”

“Haven’t you seen the newspaper yet?”

“No. Why? What happened?”

“Oh God. Go and check it right now!”

I disconnected the phone and took out the newspaper from my bag.

It had a heading “Fun at Believe tour”. I recalled that I had watched it in the morning. I unfolded the paper. There was an article:

“London, UK: Seems like Justin Bieber is having fun at the Believe Tour. After an on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez, Justin was seen at a local restaurant kissing Selena There is no official statement of them dating each other, but it seems like they are nothing less than an item.”

There were three blurry photos of Justin and Selena but they were clear enough to make out that they were kissing.

I was paralyzed.

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