"Where are you taking me?" I asked, trying to keep pace with her long strides.

"Just come with me." Sharon ordered.

"No I can't, I have to go. The bus is not going to wait for me." I struggled.

"No! Arrangements for you to get back home have been made." She assured me.

"Sharon please tell me, what’s happening?" I questioned her.

"Somebody is waiting for you,” she answered bluntly.

I stayed quiet. Deep down in my heart, I knew it would be Justin. That thought instilled mixed feeling into me. She took me to the parking lot and I looked around. Suddenly someone called out Sharon and that was, as I expected- Justin.

"Have you completely lost your mind lady?" I hissed at Sharon.

"Yeah, probably.” She smirked and dragged me towards Justin's car.

"Sit in the car," he ordered me.

“Why should I?” I countered, trying to be resistant to his wants.

Sharon looked at me with a confused expression. Justin rolled his eyes in frustration

“When will you learn to trust me?” he grabbed my hand, opened the door of the car and pushed me in gently.

Fireworks exploded like the 4th of July, when he touched my wrist. I could feel the irritation, frustration and desperation to talk and mend things. Was I falling for him as well, or was I just over thinking the situation?

"Where are we going? I have not informed my mom. I have to go back home, I have a lot of work to do." I said avoiding eye contact with him, because I knew what effect they have on me.

"I have informed your mother. She wants you back home by the end of the day and the work well, why not finish some work here hun?" he said.

What? He arranged stuff with my mother? How could she have allowed something like this? I sighed and realized, there was no use questioning myself. My mom treated Justin like her second child.

"Where are we going?" I asked again.

"I’m not here to answer your questions but you are here to answer mine” he said in a gruff voice.

“Have you had lunch yet?” his eyes were glued to the road.

"No." I said softly.

Hearing that, his car took a shrap left turn, n we were in the take away zone of McDonnell’s.

"I’m not hungry." I protested, in vain.

"What do you want to eat?” he asked me.

 "I’m not hungry, didn’t you hear the first time I said it?" I rudely. Well I didn’t mean for it to sound that way.

"Two chicken McGrill burgers and one coke please." he ordered.

After taking the brown paper bag, Justin stated a thank you as we drove off.

“Eat it.” He said, sounding emotionless.

“For the third time, I’m not hungry,” I mumbled, but truthfully, the smell of the burgers were starting to make my stomach growl.

“I didn’t ask weather you want to eat it, I’m telling you to eat it,” Justin sighed.

I gave into my desires; I opened up the paper bag and enjoyed a lovely lunch. Justin looked at me and I’m sure he smiled too. When I finished my burger I realized we were away from the crowded streets.



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