Fear was knotted in my stomach and was pulling at my heart. I didn’t trust it because I knew that the newspapers can post shit to get more readers. But before even considering the newspapers I knew that Justin can never do anything like this. I trust him. I threw the paper in the dustbin and continued reading my book.

After an hour when I finished reading half of the book, I checked my phone. Which was on silent. I ran through the notifications. 3 missed calls from Sharon, 110 notifications from Twitter. I first decided to open twitter. I have a fangirl account about Justin which is quite famous, but my friends and Justin doesn’t know about it. Well, to my surprise twitter was filled with the crap of Justin and Selena patch up rumours or how cute they look or they should get married, etc. As I scrolled down I found  a tweet, it said:

 “@JelenaForever: Selena’s latest Instagram picture is soooooo cute. #Jelena #Love”

A sudden panic clouded my heart. I quickly logged in to my instagram and opened Selena’s profile. There was a photo of Justin carrying Selena in her arms and Selena kissing \justin on the cheek. It held a caption “Love never fails”. Alas, this wasn’t photoshopped, it was real, a real image, because Selena posted it. It wasn't just a rumor! Something didn’t feel right, a lump in my throat threatened to suffocate me. I tried to calm my heart down, telling it that it is all a lie, somebody is playing a prank on me.

‘You know it Is true’ the voice in the back of my head spoke.

‘This isn’t’ I tried to fight the thoughts in my head. I know that everything is going to be alright. The clock struck 9, I decided to go down and have my dinner. After having a handful of rice, I came back to my room. My head was spinning and aching very badly, it felt like someone was hammering nails in it. ‘This is not the truth’ I kept murmuring it to myself. Bad thoughts were striking my head. Even later a great deal of trying Justin and Selena’s thoughts kept coming in my head. My mind was creating pictures of them kissing. What if Justin fell in love with her again? My head felt too heavy, slowly the things were multiplying instead of one clock I was seeing two at a time, two pens, two beds, it didn’t stop, it multiplied by four, then the whole room was spinning, until I finally collapsed on the bed.

I woke up to the sound of somebody knocking at my door or I should say trying to break my door. I looked around, still lying in my bed. I attempted to sit up, but I couldn’t. It felt like someone had drawn up all the blood from my torso. I looked at the clock, it was 3 in the afternoon, I had been sleeping for more than 12 hours. The knock came again, somebody was calling my name. I ultimately lay all my left strength together and stood up. I walked to the door and opened it slightly.

“Alex!” Renesse cried and pulled me into a hug.

Renesse is one of our caretakers in the hostel, she is one of the kindest people I ever met. She always made the breakfast for me even thought it wasn’t her duty because she knew I didn’t eat the food served here in the morning.

As I looked behind her, to my surprise the whole hostel was standing there, all of them looked so worried. After an hour of explaining them, giving excuses and assuring them that there is nothing to worry about and that I am fine, Renesse and the hostel went back to their work.

The second I shut my door, I realized that Justin must have called so many times, he must have  been so concerned. I went into my room and began looking for my phone. I found it resting under my bed, I immediately picked it up and unlocked it. I checked my notifications; 0 Missed calls; 1345 Twitter notifications; 20 game requests.

‘He doesn’t care about you anymore. He found his true love.’ The voice in the back of my head spoke again.

‘Shut up!’ I shouted back.

That's when I heard my phone ringing. I felt a certain quantity of satisfaction, finally Justin called. I picked up my phone, but to my misfortune, It was Andrea.

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