2 months later:

Sharon got back after a 15 day stay and she also won the best female singer of The Battle though her band didn’t win the contest. Sharon decided to let Jake go off her mind, she is a strong girl and I’m glad she decided to leave; he doesn’t deserve her at all. Justin was back to normal, writing, recording songs, working in the studio all time. Believe me, he is really hard working. Well, about me and Justin are having a complete spirit. Our plan is working very comfortably, after attending the university; he picks me up and so we both hang out for one hour everyday then he drops me to the hostel and go back to our boring lives.

Justin called me and asked me to meet him at the bakery shop near my hostel. I was on time and as usual he was late. I was sitting at the corner table having my brownie when somebody caught me from behind and kissed me on the cheek, Justin. He wore a cap and glasses to hide his identity in the public place.

“Sorry. I’m late” Justin said and sat down next to me.

“I’m used to it, ” I said and rolled my eyes.

“I said, I’m sorry”

“You constantly say that”

“Can we talk about this later? I have some serious stuff to blab about.”


“My Believe Tour” these three words was the last thing I would want to hear. I have been neglecting this topic for a long time.

“I recognize you don’t want to speak about it, but we have to confront it.” He spoke in a staccato fashion, choosing his words with care.

“Face what Justin? I won’t be able to see you for one year!”

“I told you we can always meet each other, you can visit me, we can Skype or call all the time”.

“Justin you know that this year I’ll be getting busy with my archeologist course and I can’t call you all the time because you’ll be visiting different cities and you won't change your numbers every time and Skype, Justin there is a thing called ‘Time Difference’ between the countries.”

For a moment there was a silence. I was constantly looking at his Cherubic eyes.

“I know, but I have to do this”.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for behaving like such an imbecile”. I nervously tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

“No. It's okay; I have been feeling the same about your archeologist course”

“What do you mean?”

“I know after you finish with your university, you will also be visiting places a lot.”

“How did you know that?”

“Internet” he said and put his arm around my waist drawing me closer and kissed my forehead.

It was difficult for both of us, our life together just started and now we’ll be far off from each other. Everybody says long distance relationships don’t work and I’m frightened. What if this one year brings difficulties for us to survive in our relationship? I just wasn't sure. All I need is him. I was in such a position in love where there was no escape, he meant everything to me. When he is jubilant, I feel his happiness. When he cries, I could feel tears drops in my eyes. When he gets hurt, I could sense that pain in my heart. For certain, I had found my true passion, but I still had insecurities about him seeing his true beloved. Does he love me the same way I do? I wasn't really sure. I had fallen too hard for him. He was the only person I had ever been so close to. But my Aunt always said: “Don’t come overly close to anybody, in the final stage it always hurts.” If this proved to be true, I just don’t know if I would be living.

After our conversation in the bakery we decided to travel to the outskirts of the metropolis where it was quiet and we could have ‘our time’. I began studying a book in the car as the journey was long and I wasn’t quite in a mood to speak to Justin about his leaving and stuff. A zephyr was blowing with a fragrance of leaves and blossoms. I couldn’t take my mind off imagining the one year without Justin. Thus, In the concluding ten minutes I had reread the same page ten times.

“I’m leaving next week” Justin spoke up suddenly.



“Oh.” It was all I could say.

I turned back to my book and set about working through the same paragraph with renewed determination and for the succeeding breach of minutes there was silence in the automobile. I tried to ignore him and forced myself to concentrate on the words. For a moment or so, I was able to block out everything around me when I heard Justin’s voice again.

“Alex, are you okay?”

“Yes. Why?”

“You don’t read books. That’s why, ” he had a point, reading books wasn’t my cup of tea.

After an awkward silence,  I said: "Justin?"

“Yes?” he replied.

“Do you love me?

“What type of question is that? Of course I do!” He exclaimed

“You won’t leave me no matter what happens?”

“Alex, are you…” before he could finish, he saw me crying and brought the car to a halt.

His cordial eyes stared at me and my heart began to palpitate. Then, he wiped my tears away and drew his lips touch mine. His lips were soft and he was gentle. I found myself kissing him back. The kiss didn’t last long and it wasn’t the kind of world-shaking, deep-thrilling kiss we see in films these days; but even then, I was glad he kissed me. I really needed that one.



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