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This is a very special and important part of the story. It will tell you about the main reason behind all this mess. Read it carefully and I hope you enjoy it.



I walked back home, after Alex and Justin had left. I dumped my bag down and flopped down on the sofa. What was wrong with Alex? Did she not realize how lucky she was to have a boy like Justin in her life?

What had really happened a few years ago, that had lead to such a mess? I’m still curious to know what happened to those three friends. How did they get separated? Was there a fight, or something worse happened? 

How could two people who were meant to be together, not be together? It didn’t make much sense.

I sighed as I realized, I should get on with my homework because I had a few chores to do later on. At the end of the day I would definitely like some time to myself.

I opened my school bag and pulled out my math books and out one of the books, fell a piece of paper, properly folded.

Curiosity took the better part of me as I sat on the sofa and began reading.

I know I have hidden a major part of my life from you, even though you are my best friend. The reasons I’m going to tell you might sound really stupid and you might think about how foolish we were, but at that time, these little things mattered a lot.

 Once someone told me that sometimes some things don't have reasons, they just happen for your own good. Maybe this was decided before we even knew it, maybe our love will be back and fights will erupt for silly reasons. But being ignorant about these reasons will give impetus to the fight. Soon it will be so big  that we won’t even remember where the fight started..

It was during the summer holidays. We were around 10 or 12 years old, I’m not sure. All I remember is that Justin and I were going to the park. I will never forget that day ever. He was holding his guitar on the left side of his body when all of a sudden he held my hand. I was way too nervous to say anything. He took me to the other side of the park and sat under a tree. He took out a folded piece of paper that was from his back pocket.

I asked him what it was and I remember he said he’d written a song.

He opened the piece of paper, held his guitar and started playing it and sang along. 

"It’s been a long time,

I wanted to tell you,

How I feel about you,

And now that you are with me,

Lets be more than just friends,

You and me will be together forever

And you you you you and me,

Like the stars and the moon are meant to be,

It's a perfect time,

For the stars to meet,

Lets just make the start,

And I promise we will never be apart,

You will be mine and forever be,

Its written in the book of love,

That we just have to be together,

And you you you you and me,

Like the stars and the moon are meant to be,

It's a perfect time,

For the stars to meet,

If I smile I smile for you,

If my heart beats It beats for you,

If I breathe, I breathe for you,

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