The Wedding Planning

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"Your wedding dress is finally completed!" Pattie exclaimed as she entered the room.

I was in a deep sleep, I brought my blanket over my head and rolled over the other side.

"Wake up Alex!"

"What happened?" I said in a sleepy voice

"Your wedding dress!"

"Wedding dress? Wedding dress. Nice." I said and went back to sleep

Justin came in with three men holding three mannequins earing the three bridal dresses.

"Oh My God! Who got all those packets of fries?" Justin said.

All I heard was 'fries', I tried to get up, but I was wrapped in my blanket and I ended up falling on the ground.

"Woah! Are you crazy!" Justin came running and helped me get up.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly.

"Where are my fries?"



"Jesus Christ!"


"I got your wedding dress."


He gestured towards the three bridal dresses.

"These are so beautiful, " I said as I walked towards them.

"I have a meeting. I'll come back later. Till then you choose a dress." Pattie said and went out of the room.

"Bye Pattie"

"So which one are you going to choose?" Justin asked.

"What is your preference?"

"Personally, I love the second and third one."

"Yes! Me too! I have to choose one but this is so confusing."

"I've checked out some venues, want to visit?" He said

"Yes. Let's go."

I took a bath, got read and ate the breakfast.

"So did you decide anything?" Pattie asked as she came out of the kitchen.

"Yeah the second and the third one. What do you think?

"Oh, both of them are lovely! Pick whatever suits the best on you."

"I'll come back later and try them on."

"Yeah I'll call Sharon to help you choose." Pattie said as she walked out.

We had decided to get married in New York City. Apart from the unparalleled skyline, the bright lights, the hustle and bustle, there was a sense of peace filled with love in this city.

After an hour of driving he took me to one of the venues.

It was a beautiful church with a huge garden at the back. We went inside the church it was damn huge and was beautifully constructed. Sunlight entered the church from the stained glass window covered with beautiful paintings. We went to the garden which was fully covered with flowers.

Then we went to another venue existing in the heart of New York. Around the corner of 5t Avenue there existed a beautiful, modern, elegant, private, event space. From the top floor, you can look out through huge windows at the skyline. But the real treat was stepping out onto the 1,000-square-foot balcony, sipping cocktails as Manhattan bustled below.

We visited few more of such venues and they all were lovely but not the one we were looking for.

"I think I'll contact Collin. She will surely help us out." Justin said as we drove back home.

"Who is Collin?" I asked as I sipped another sip of my caramel-choco- Frappuccino.

"Collin Cowie. He is a-"

"Collin Cowie! The wedding planner!"

"Yeah. He is my Dad's friend."

"That's great! I've heard that he is one of the best planners of United States."

"That's true."



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