I arrived at the airport and a person with my name written on a placard was there. I went to him and he told me that Pattie had sent him. I went to Pattie’s home I was seeing her home for the first time. The driver took me there. Away from all the rushing noisy area of New York, Her home was situated in a very green and silent place.

Soon I was there in front of her house she was standing outside waiting for me. She came running as she saw me approaching. I was so happy to meet her after so many years I missed her a lot, she was just like my mother. I could see the expression on her face as she saw me. she was really shocked to see a 18 year old young girl and I know why cause the last time she saw me I was a 12 year old girl ready to enter my teens and now it was different I looked different. Pattie hadn’t changed a bit. She was still the same young lady I had seen years ago.

She took me inside and several servants came to take my bags. I was amazed to see her house. It was a house that everyone dreams of, a very big house with loads of rooms and all those facilities like a swimming pool,  a beautiful garden with blooming flowers and trees with juicy fruits, a parking area for the luxurious cars, a gym, a spa!, an amazing kitchen, for me it was bigger than my house I think and who could ignore that! a basketball court! Wow I always wanted a basketball court in my house but for me it was one of the things that came in the ‘Impossible’ list. There were so many more enchanting things that one could never dream of having. I still remember the old little house of Pattie in Stratford which I use to visit. It had a small garden at the back, a kitchen with leaking taps and very small rooms and now look at this. It is true time does changes everything!

“how was the journey?” she asked as I entered their living room.the living room was marvelous.  I have never seen such a beautiful room in my life.

“it was really tiring” I told her

“I know. Cassandra!” she called her assistant. A lady approached.

“Cassandra will take you to your room. Go there get refresh take rest and if you need anything I will be right there just ask for it”

“thanks” I said.

Cassandra took me to the room. She took the keys out of her pocket and opened the room. I entered the room My bags were already there . I was freakin out when I saw I had my own separate room, a room I desired for, it had a window at the side a balcony attached to it and a beautiful washroom. I wondered where I would keep my clothes as there was no cupboard. I asked Cassandra where it was. She took me to an attached room it was a room…. A room just for clothes! That was incredible!

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