CHAPTER 13: Jake

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I walked out of the class as soon as the class got finished but I was late Andrea had already seen me. As I was walking towards the library I heard Andrea calling out my name “Alex”.

“Alex you here?” she look astonished

“Andrea…Oh My God! We both in the same university. Wow” I acted like I hadn’t noticed her before.

“Yeah” she smiled.

“When did you came to New Jersey?” she asked me.

“A month ago. I thought you are going to study in London” I said

“I thought that too but then I was missing mom and dad so I came back here. New York is my home I feel good here.” She replied

(An year ago, after I told Justin the truth. Andrea had apologized and I had forgiven her. So we were friends now. But still I wasn’t that fond of her as I use to be)

As we were talking I saw Jake coming from behind. He was totally shocked to see me as I was when I saw him.

“Oh Jake! Meet my childhood friend Alex. Alex this is my boyfriend Jake.” Andrea said introducing us to each other.

Boyfriend? What? I was totally numb for a moment. I knew that! As soon as I saw Andrea and Jake holding hands I had an idea something wasn’t normal. How can Jake do this!

“Hi Alex!” he said

“Hi Jake” I replied

I could see the fear in Jake’s eyes.

I knew Jake wasn’t a good guy. I had Told Sharon a hundred times but she won’t listen to me!

I felt so bad for Sharon. She will be heartbroken to know that Jake is cheating on her. She thought Jake came here to peruse his studies but she didn’t know Jake came here because he was interested in Andrea.

Whenever I met Sharon all she used to talk about was her love, Jake. I had never seen a girl so madly in love. Jake had hurt her so many times and I have seen Sharon crying every night because of that idiot. Even if it was Jake’s fault Sharon was the first one to say sorry. Sharon is my best friend. I can’t imagine what she will do after knowing this all. I know she won’t be able to take this all. She isn’t that strong. But I need to tell her the truth. But how?

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