“Can we go for a ride?” he asked me

“Yes” I said and soon we were in the car far away from the hostel.

“Have you eaten anything?” I asked him because I knew he didn’t, he was so worried about me. But even though I am angry, I still I love him I care for him too.

He didn’t say anything and then he took a turn to the left and stopped the car. I instantly recognized that place. It was the beach restaurant.  I remember when I first arrived in New York, Justin took me to this place This place is awesome. It is opened 24 hours and 7 days in a week. It is a very quiet place where you can find peace and people mind their own businesses and ofcourse! It Serves one of the best food in the whole city.

 We got out of the car and there was already a booked table. They were not many people as it was 3:30 am! There were candles on the table and the weather was pleasant in short I felt good. We sat on the table and the waiter came

“What would you like to have?” he politely said

Justin looked at me.

“What do you wanna have?” Justin asked

“Nothing” I replied unpleasantly

“Two chicken delights and one Italiano pasta” Justin ordered.

Italiano Pasta was my favorite dish.

Soon I realized he was staring at me and I started looking at the beach.

“You Know I am sorry” He said. He held my hand.

I hastily took of my hand back.

“Please I won’t do this again promise.” He continued

Before I could answer, the waiter arrived with the order. The food was on the table and I couldn’t ignore it. I grabbed a fork and started eating. Justin looked at me for a moment. then he also grabbed a bite of his chicken delight. Then he started looking at his watch and suddenly he got up.

“We will eat this later I need to show you something very important” he said and grabbed my hand and took me to the car. Without any delay, He drove the car to the cliff.

“Close your eyes right now!” He said

“What? But why?” I argued

“Do it!” he exclaimed

“Okay” I said and closed my eyes.

For a moment there was a silence.

“Open Your Eyes” Justin whispered.

I did what he told me to. When I opened my eyes I saw something that I can’t describe in words. It was the most beautiful sunrise I ever saw.

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