Part 1

As soon as I heard this devastating news, I stood up reaching for my phone. I couldn't think of anything but Justin. Is he okay? What happened? How did he reach the Prison? I started wondering. I unlocked my phone and searched for Scooter's number. I clicked the call button. The bell started ringing, and my heartbeat fastened.

He finally picked up the phone. Before I could say anything, he said "I can't talk to you right now. I'll call you back later" and with that he hung up. I knew that something was wrong by the way he talked. I could make out that he was tensed. Why aren't they getting Justin out of the prison?

Tears ran down my eyes to the cheeks. I was extremely worried about Justin.

Everything suddenly seemed to be tearing apart. I couldn't help myself thinking the worse of the situation.

I called Ryan and Alfredo again. None of them picked up my call. I finally called Pattie.

"Hello Pattie?" I said as I heard someone crying on the other end.

"yea..Yeah" Pattie managed to speak.

"Are you okay?" I asked. I knew this was so hard for her, seeing the child she raised with all her affection ending up in prison.

"Yeah. Justin-"

"Yeah I know. Will you please tell me what happened?" I tried to hold back my tears.

"I don't know. I called scooter he only told me about Justin getting arrested and asked me to stay at home because it was difficult to manage out there. The media is creating a trouble out there."

After hearing this, I realized that we both were facing the same trouble.

"Everything will be okay." I tried to search for words.

"I'll talk to you later Alex. You don't worry. As soon as I get any information I will call you." Pattie said and hung up.

I messaged Scooter to call me. I waited for Scooter's call that whole night. I was lying on the bed thinking about what to do for Justin. I didn't know where to go or who to call. I was just so confused. I didn't call Sharon she was already going through too much. The moon couldn't light my night this time. I stood up went to the window near my bed. Stared at the dark sky, stars shined like beautiful diamonds but to me everything seemed dark.

I picked up my phone it was 11:11 . I made a wish "Let everything be perfect in Justin's life". I felt a little better but still worried.

An hour later I again checked my phone but no calls. Not even a single message. I waited and waited a little more. I couldn't sleep. I checked my phone again and it was 04:30 am already! God! What could be worse than waiting for just one call to know how is Justin? I have right to know about whatever is happening!

I didn't know when I fell asleep. My alarm rang at 6. I walked to the bathroom, washed my face. I got ready for the university though I didn't want to go, just then my phone rang. I ran to pick it up. But it wasn't Scooter it was Sharon she asked me if I'll like to go to the university with her today.

I started crying and she came to know that something was wrong.

"Sharon I need to tell you something" I said.

"Babe I'm coming to your place come down in 5 minutes. Get ready" she said, trying to calm me down.

I told her alright ill be there. I got dressed up, switched on the TV and quickly to news channel, in a hope that I get some news of Justin. I could see nothing but useless news. All of a sudden I saw a headline "Justin Bieber Released".

I was so glad, I thanked the almighty. I knew god wouldn't let this happen. I just had to go and see Justin. I ran to the window and saw Sharon standing there. I rushed down to her and hugged her. She was so confused I could tell that by seeing the look on her face.

"Alex! What happened! Why were you crying on the phone? I was so worried!! Will you please tell me? I am totally confused right now! "She questioned.

"Sharon! Let me speak! How will you come to know if you keep asking and don't listen?" I exclaimed.

I told her everything. How I got a call from Ryan and what all happened after that. I told her that I want to meet him.

"Let's go. We need to know what is happening here! We're going to Justin's house."

I had a feeling that he won't feel good to see me. When I saw him in the news he looked disappointed and broken. He was smiling but I could see the tears in his eyes. He smiled to tell the whole world that he was strong so that all his fans don't worry but he is still a human it was hard for him. I just wanted to go and hug him and tell him that everything will be okay.



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