She reached the school. As she soon as she entered the class she saw Brian looking very upset. She realized that he was staring at her. She ignored it and kept her bag at the seat soon the teacher came in.

“I hope you all have got your homework” The teacher said.

Serianna remembered that a week before her chemistry teacher has given a project for pairs to work on and in that project Brian was her partner and she had done nothing about that project. She was scared now. Her teacher would be very angry.

The teacher was calling the students name for their project and then

“Serianna and Brian” The teacher said.

She looked at Brian as he got up and gave the project. Serianna was totally stunned. Brian did whole of the project all alone? But why did he do that? she had none of the answers.

After some minutes the teacher said

“Well I had a look at the projects and now I will declare the top 3 projects who will be presenting their project on the annual Science Exhibition.”

“On the third position is Cassie and Stef on the second is Roan and Jonah and one the first is Brian and Serianna” the teacher announced.

Serianna and Brian both looked at each other totally shocked.

After their break-up, now they have to work together as a team for their presentation at the science annual exhibition. Serianna was not at all happy about. She had developed hate for Brian now. She will never do it even if she got a F grade in science she didn’t really cared about the studies, but before having a bad company as friends she was somehow the topper of the class but now she was hardly studying. Her teachers could see the change and had called Justin on the next Monday to talk to him about her.

Brian never ditched her but Serianna thought he lied to her as her friends were guiding her. Brian was the only person that wasn’t bad. He never smokes or drinks or plays with someone’s feelings as Serianna’s Bad friends do. Brian now lost Serianna’s trust she would now believe that her fake Friends (The Bad company) were the only ones that cared about her but the truth was that, they only wanted her money so they could buy drinks and cigarettes. Serianna never understood that. Brian could see that she was inviting her own downfall and he wanted to help her but he didn’t know how.

“You should start working on it” the teacher smiled.

The bell rang. Serianna saw Brian approaching towards her and instantly she got up and walked away. Instead of hanging out with her friends She went to the library that was the only place she liked in the whole school. It was a place away from all that noise a place where you can find peace and rest your heart. Serianna was now regular customer at the library she issued and re-issued many books.

She took the corner table kept her bag at the side and continued to read “The Flashback”

“Chapter 12: Someone at the University

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