Serianna could feel her legs getting heavier with every step that she took. It was too much to take it all at once. She felt dizzy. Her real mom, Aunt Veniz, The book. Now she had trust issues. They hid it all from her. She couldn’t trust anyone now, not even Aunt Veniz. The flashback was a book full of mysteries that needed to be sorted out.

Serianna went back to her room trying to figure out what to do next. The voice at the back of her head spoke ‘is Aunt Veniz: “Sharon”?’  She was lost, couldn’t think as to what will be the plight and the path that the flashback will lead.

To distract herself, she opened Wattpad and started reading stories about her favorite pop star ‘Demi Lovato’. As she started to read she came across the life of Demi Lovato’s daughter and how much she resembled her mother, Demi. Serianna closed Wattpad being sick of the mother-daughter love. ‘Do I resemble Alex?’ she thought because she knew Maria and she never shared any resemblance but people did say that Serianna got her father’s eyes. She wondered if she resembles Alex. She has never seen her. She was too tired, she wanted to sleep. But this thing wasn’t getting of her mind. Sighing, she heaved herself up from the bed and walked to Aunt Veniz’s room to find something relating to Alex and to be sure that Aunt Veniz is Sharon.

She entered Aunt Veniz’s room. The room was very big and beautifully decorated. She didn’t know why she never visited these rooms. She knew that there were a lot of rooms in the house that she hasn’t been in for years. She looked around; there was huge bed with its side tables, a big wardrobe and couches with a coffee table. She started her mission with searching the wardrobe. She opened it and searched through the drawers and shelves but it didn’t help, she couldn't anything. Then she checked the side tables hoping to find some picture but all she could find was Aunt Veniz’s photos with her boyfriend, Jake. She searched the bed its pillows, the couches the coffee table. After an hour, she was tired nothing was found. She sat down against the wall trying to think of something.

Then she observed the room carefully. She noticed two doors, one was to the washroom but where did the other one lead to? She stood up, she slowly walked towards the door, she put her hand on the handle and pushed it downwards, the door opened. When she stepped inside, she was disappointed it was just a walk-in closet. Feeling devastated, she was about to leave when she saw a key hole through the corner of her eye. She looked back and found a door behind the hanging clothes.

She immediately removed the clothes to get the proper view of the door. This door must mean something she thought and trie to open it but It was locked. She didn’t have a key. She disengaged her hands and flung them angrily on the door, pounding it. Where was the key? As she was about to give up when she heard a clacking sound and realized that it was her bracelet. She carefully examined it. It had a key! She remembered that Aunt Veniz gave this to her on her 14 birthday. She took the key out of the bracelet, put it in the key hole, and turned it around.

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