My parents apparently were told everything by Pattie they were not quite happy with all this going so fast and the pregnancy and the wedding and wanted me to marry before the baby came that means in a few months I was getting married. My parents were coming tomorrow to America. I still feel so weird and dumb because I was going to say no but then I said yes.

Deep inside I felt happy though. Sharon and Pattie were basically all excited and wanted to take me to shopping. I wore my shorts and a tank top with my sneakers. Justin wanted to come too, but he had an important meeting. We had decided to call only the closest friends and family to the wedding. As we started shopping the excitement grew. Sharon and I were talking about the wedding designers as Pattie wanted it to be a specially designed gown by a good designer. Sharon and I wanted Ines DI Santo wedding dress while Pattie wanted a Pronovias one. Since Pattie personally knew Veronica, Ines's daughter, she booked an appointment for me.

Her Salon was in New York only so we went there after our shopping in which basically Sharon bought some summer clothes, while I just bought food. When we reached her salon it was one of the best designed interiors I had ever seen.

"Hello There!" Veronica said as she saw Pattie.

She greeted all of us and then asked who the bride was since Pattie hadn't given her all information.

"Oh So Alex is the bride! Okay so that means Justin and Alex is getting married. Okay. This is a big New! OMG" Veronica exclaimed.

She was such a fun loving girl and also a big fan of Bieber. She told me she was damn Jealous with a weird expression on which everyone laughed. She started showing me the latest dresses of the season so I can pick up the dress style and all the kind of accessories I wanted in my dress. I told her I would prefer like a full length big fluffy gown. She took note of all the things I desired in the gown and told me that she would call me as soon as the design is ready.

After that we went back home. Since I had finish with my master's degree I was living with Sharon as she had an apartment and a Job. She was a music teacher in one of the prestigious schools and she was also recording her songs and albums in the studio as she was aspiring to get signed by a recording label. I was waiting for my results to come so that I could get the degree and the job.

A few days later, I got the letter from my college and now I was finally graduating. I was so happy. I called up Sharon as she was at work and told her. Then I called Justin he was really happy and said that he wanted to attend my graduation ceremony but I said no since it was a public university and people would recognize him and this would create a mess. I asked Sharon and Pattie if they would attend my graduation ceremony, and they both happily agreed. My parents couldn't come due to some urgent work and told me that they will come a week before the marriage.

On Friday, I wore my black dress I had specially bought for the graduation. Pattie, I and Sharon went in her car to the ceremony. I saw all the students clicking pictures with their friends and family. The graduation ceremony began and when I went on the stage, I saw Sharon and Pattie cheering up for me. I felt so proud of me. I had worked so hard for this. After the graduation ceremony we went to Justin's house. Pattie bought some snacks and then we started discussing about my job, pregnancy, wedding etc.

"I am going to apply at New York Archaeology Centre by the end of the week" I Said

"That is great! But there is a damn big competition" Pattie told me.

"I know I will apply for many more places for the job."

"Alex did you get any text from Veronica for the wedding dress?" Sharon asked.

"No. Not yet."

"OH I forget to tell you we have to go to her salon tomorrow. She called and said she is ready with your design." Pattie told me

After a few hours at Pattie's house we went back home. Sharon showed me some designs for the bridesmaids' dresses. I told her I would prefer a light colour but she said purple would look good. We argued about the colour for an hour.

"When do you have to visit the doctor for your regular check up?" she asked me.

"In an hour"

"Okay I will come with you."


At 5:30, I got ready and wore my flats, waiting for Sharon in the living area.

"Don't wear those flats, they might be slippery" She said as she picked up her bag.

"No they are fine."

"Okay. Have you picked up your file?"


We went downstairs and as I was about to sit in the car I realized I had forgotten my phone upstairs.

"I'll just get my phone" I told Sharon

"Okay come fast. We are getting late."

I went upstairs took my phone and as I was coming downstairs I skipped one of the stairs and then I couldn't get hold of anything, I slipped and fell down, rolling on the stairs. As I landed on the ground with a jerk, I felt like I was losing my consciousness. My whole body was in pain especially my stomach. In that second, all I wished for was that the baby was safe.I heard Sharon running towards me. That's all I could remember.

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