I woke up in the hospital bed surrounded by Ab and Pattie talking to the nurse. I could spot Ryan and scooter talking outside my room. From what I heard while the  nurse was talking to Ab, I had been asleep for more than 14 hours. I attempted to propel my legs, they were perfectly fine, but I had fractured my arm, which I could tell by the poultice that was on it.

“She is up!” Pattie said excitedly in a louder tone than usual.

Ryan, Scooter, and the nurse came running.

A sudden horror took me over as I tried to get up. I  looked at Ab and asked in whispers if my child was okay. She smiled and answered “The child is absolutely fine by god’s grace” I took a sigh of relief.

I looked around  while the nurse and Ab helped me to sit straight. I saw Pattie smiling at me.

“How are you feeling dear?” She asked

“Better” I smiled

 Then a thought occurred to me ‘Do they know that I am pregnant?’ before I could ask Ab about it, Pattie asked Ab “ Is the baby okay?”

Ab nodded.

Thanks to Ab probably the whole world knows about it.

 “Where is Justin?” Ab asked

“He went to fill in the formalities” Pattie replied.

Justin was here. How can I be so dumb if Pattie is here, then obviously Justin would be here as well.

“Alex, You, okay girl?” Ryan asked me

“Yes, ” I replied

I knew that Justin probably knew about me being pregnant, but still I asked Ab in a hope that she didn’t tell him.

“Of course! I told Justin!” she said.

I could say no more.

They gave me glucose and juices and some veggies to eat, which I refused to eat since I didn’t actually want to eat anything.

“Listen, you are going to faint if you don’t eat anything” Ab started scolding me.

Pattie tried her best to make me eat something. This all made me angry. I didn’t want anyone I just wanted to get away from here. I hadn’t forgotten the night before.

“You need to eat” I heard some familiar voice. I looked up. Justin was standing in front of me. He wore a white shirt and faded blue denim jeans. As soon as I saw him, anger over came.

“How dare you enter my room? Leave right now.” I demanded

“Alex---” he said and sat beside me.

“Get out!” I screamed

Ab was trying to calm me down. Everybody came and surrounded me.

Suddenly I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. The nurse came running and Ab told everyone to empty the room. I did faint I think.When I woke up again, I tried to move my prostrate body, I finally ate something because I felt very week. I told Ab that I didn’t want anyone except her in this room. She just nodded.

I could see Justin through the room window. He was looking directly at me. I told Ab to draw up the curtains. She fed me her “talk-to-him” looks and I afforded her “I-don’t-understand-you” sarcastic look. She gave up and did what I said.

The hours passed away, it was 6’o clock now. The doctors said I have to stay under observation for another day. I  was bored already and there wasn’t anything good coming on the TV. I spent the next three hours trying not to look at the clocks above the Tv, and then looking at the clocks, and then being amazed that only a few seconds have passed since I last looked at the clock.

Finally, it was time for the dinner. I was hoping some delicious dinner, but when Ab brought in the vegetable soup and bread my hopes died at once. I wasn’t in a mood to argue with Ab either. I had to eat that crap. But then Ab handed me a box. I opened it there were packs of m&m’s, chocolate bars and my favorite oreos and a note which stated “ Hope this makes the dinner better” I looked at Ab astonished. Ab didn’t notice she was busy checking my reports. Then only I realized that it was Justin who gave the box and the probability was Ab didn’t know it had chocolates in it or she wouldn’t have let me eaten those. I looked around to see if Justin was outside, but he wasn’t.

After my dinner Ab put me to sleep and went. Though I wasn’t sleeping, I acted like I was so that Ab could leave and I can finally be alone in peace. The wistful flashback of yesterday’s night made me remember all those memories I spent with Justin and this all made me cry. Justin on stage with Selena made me feel like my heart was impaled by the spear. I had been enduring the thoughts of Justin cheating on me and now they all felt so true.

 I didn’t know what was the future of me and my baby. I grabbed my phone from the side table to check the time. The lights were off so I couldn’t really see the wall clock. It was 11:11. I made a wish and then went back to staring at the ceiling. It wasn’t until 11:40 I think that I finally fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of someone’s phone dropping on the ground. I quickly sat straight and I could see a human figure, I tried to look for my phone fortunately it wasn’t my phone that had dropped. I hurriedly switched on the flashlight.

“Can you put that off?” he said. It was Justin.

“ What the fuck are you doing here?” I cursed

“Put that damn light off!” he demanded.

“Get lost!” I shouted.

He moved forward, grabbed my phone and put his hand on my mouth. I could smell his favorite cologne. He was just inches away from me.

“Don’t you dare to shout you are going to wake everyone up.” He whispered in my ear.

I bit his hand and pushed him away from me.

“Get out right now!” I said, assuring that I wasn’t loud. I got up from the bed.

“You have to listen to me,” he pleaded.

“There’s nothing left to listen Justin” I said.

“Can you stop shouting?”

“Leave me alone!” I demanded.

This time, instead of answering, he took a step forward, grabbed my waist and picked me up in a bridal style way.

“You are making too much noise, we have to get away from here”

“Put me down, you wretch!”  this time I shouted

I heard the nurse coming towards us. Justin took me to the store room.

Was our love so weak that it broke within months? Was he really cheating on me all this time? Was this all nothing but a game played with my heart? I needed time to cogitate.



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