CHAPTER 8: The End or The beginning?

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Surprisingly I found myself kissing him back. His lips were soft and gentle. The kiss didn't last for too long but was amazing. It was my first kiss and  was happy I had it with Justin. I tried to say something but he didn't let me.

"Just forget the past... lets don't talk about it" he smiled.

After that I was happy i never said a word about Andrea.

I went back to school told Sharon everything she was shocked " I didn't expected that" she said and gave me a hug.

A week passed and all I was doing was spending time with Justin. He showed me his records his secret kind of stuff and then he sang songs for me which was the best part. For me The week passed too quickly Between studies and my basket ball classes I was spending most of my remaining free time with Justin. But It made me sick whenever I thought that in some weeks Justin would be heading back to New York.

I went to fishing with him. It was great I even managed to catch one. We went to Malsiard. It was a school for musicians. Justin taught little kids to play the guitar and I was watching him, that was so cute.

" I don't know how to play the guitar but I want to play it" I said after we came back from Malsiard.

" I am goona help you" he winked at me.

I started playing the guitar he told me about the chords etc . for some time I dint even understand what he was saying about the chords and stuff but then spending most the time with him playing the guitar made me understand the things, he was trying to explain me before. By the end of the week I could play the guitar very well.

To celebrate that I finally learned the guitar we went on a dinner. He took me to some Italian restaurant. A place where paparazzi wont come I was feeling a bit low and he knew why.

"so you are thinking about what would happen when go back to America"


"listen I'm will always love you...are love is true distance wont effect it"

"oh yeah why not! how many times will you be able to meet in a month once ? Twice? And if I am lucky, thrice? How many weekends will be spend together? two maybe. I will be going for my college for my studies. I don't even know where I am gonna end up. How are you so sure that nothing will change!" I almost shouted at him. He knew that I was upset. After a pause he said

"I know things are gonna change they never remain the same but as long as we both love each other nothing else matters"

His words made me cry. There I was a crazy teenager busy in my own here I am! ....I cant even imagine myself living without him. I loved him a lot. I had many boyfriends but I never took them seriously neither they did. I never believed in love and I know why because I never found the right guy, people are right just have to sit back and wait the right guy on the right time will come on its own.

He put his around me. he wiped the tears of my eyes. Then he pulled me closer and kissed me.

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