So the next day I packed my bags and I  was read to go. I saw Justin downstairs waiting for me. He requested Pattie that he wanted to drop me there and Pattie had no objection.

I said goodbye to Pattie and she pulled me into a hug. Soon the picture of the house became blurry and now we were far away. Now there was a awkward silence.

“So you excited?” Justin said trying to start a conversation.

“Not really” I said


“Because I am going to miss you a lot”

I saw a smile on Justin’s face.

“Me too”

“I love you Justin”

“I Know”

Then suddenly I was upset.

“What happened? You look upset” Justin sounded worried

“See before I came here I was very upset cause I thought….”

“You thought?”

“I thought .you must have made a new girlfriend”

“What? You think that if we stay away I flirt with other girls or I make a temporary girlfriend?” he didn’t like what I just said

“No. I just thought I felt insecure” I said trying to clarify the statement.

“You felt insecure about what?”

“About you!”

“I don’t get you how can you even say that?”


“You don’t trust me?”

“Of course I do”

Soon I realized that we were fighting and of course he started the fight. Our fight was going on and on, now we were close to our destination

Justin finally stopped the car outside the hostel. I got out of the car, I took the bags I needed help because they were so heavy and Justin came and helped me. We both were still angry at each other.

“You never understand me” I finally said

“I don’t care” he said and sat in the car and drove off without saying a goodbye.

I quickly went inside the hostel. Took my keys and went inside my room. It was a very beautiful room but I didn’t care, I rushed to the washroom and now I broke down into tears.

I was very upset. It was 10’o clock I soon feel asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night I looked at my phone. I was shocked 59 missed calls and 78 message all of them from Justin. I kept my phone at the side feeling annoyed and then suddenly the phone started ringing again I look at it. It was an unknown number. I shouldn’t have picked up the call but I did.

“Hello” said the unknown man.

But I instantly realized he wasn’t unknown he was Justin.

“Very clever” I thought because I didn’t pick up his call so he called from unknown number.

“Bye” I said and ended the call.

Then again my phone vibrated this time there was a message “ I am really sorry. Please pick up the call.” I wish I could but I won’t because today he actually got angry at me for no reason. An hour passed and my phone kept ringing. I knew that I can’t ignore for long. It was very hard to stay away from me. he was like a magnet and I was like a magnetic material. Then finally I made up my mind lets solve this out. He called again. This time I picked up the call.

“I am sooooooooooooooooooo sorry please forgive me. I love you so much” Justin cried

“I don’t understand first you make a mistake then you apologize! What do you want?” I shouted at him.

“If I say the truth then I was very upset about you because you are staying away from me and then you said that you don’t trust me and all that stuff that really hurt me”

“So what? Anybody would think that way if his boyfriend didn’t pick up her call for 3 MONTHS!”

“Don’t start the fight again”

“WHAT! I  am starting the fight, AGAIN? You mean I was the one who started the  fight again. You blame me? okay fine they Mr. POPSTAR keep your ego to yourself don’t show it to me”

“No I didn’t mean that”

“BYE! And don’t try to call me” I hurriedly disconnected the call.

It was 12’o clock now. He hadn’t called again. So I tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t. Then after an hour I was playing games on my phone to distract my mind and then all of a sudden a message popped up “Look out of your window”. It was Justin. Without any delay I ran to look out of the window. There he was JUSTIN BIEBER!

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