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The next morning I woke up and found my room decorated with all the bouquets, chocolates. Totally Justin style. I was damn upset how can I forget what he did to me. I am pregnant doesn't mean I will go back to him. I got up and I saw a note beside my table. It said " I'll pick you up @7. Be ready. I love you. Take care. – Justin" Oh Damn! He wants the answer.

Sharon entered my room.

"Hey sexy! How you feelin'?" She said as she looked around in surprise.

"I'm good I replied."

"Woah! Justin did a good work"


"You seem upset"

" Justin proposed me"

"Yeah, I know and you are getting married!!"

"No, I'm not" I shouted

"What? What happened?"

"You know what he did to me!"

"Yes, but then he told you the reason."

"So every time something happens like that Justin will stop talking to me and then I will cry all day and night like I did and then he would give me a stupid excuse months later"

"But he had a valid excuse and he is so guilty. He loves you a lot."

"I love him too but now I can't take this drama anymore. I want me and my baby to live in peace."

"C'mon, you won't leave him!"

"I don't know, but right all I know is I am not getting married. That's final"


"Decide on whose side you are mine or his."

"Of course I am with you."

"Then support me."

"Fine, I respect your decision, but I will still advise you to reconsider your decision."

" I am going to take a bath now."

I spent the whole afternoon with Pattie, Ab and Sharon. Pattie gave me all the books regarding pregnancy. Ab kept telling me the Do's and Dont's and Sharon was surfing the internet about 'unique baby names. Everybody knew Justin would pick me up at 7 but nobody knew that I was going to say no except Sharon.

"If it's a boy we would name him Noah and if it's a girl then Clover" Sharon said but Pattie disagreed. Then they all were discussing about the names.

When the clock struck 7:00 I was waiting in the living room for Justin to arrive. I wore a simple casual dress. I wasn't really excited for the date.

"So what are you going to say?" Sharon said.

" Justin, I am tired of all this and I am sorry, but I can't marry you." I replied

"It isn't that simple."

"I know."

Five minutes later Justin arrived. He wore a tuxedo. He smiled as he saw me coming. He took me to the car open the door for me acting like a gentleman. Deep down I felt guilty because tonight he was going to be heartbroken.

We arrived at the place. He took me inside. I was paralyzed. The whole place was decorated with the world's most beautiful flowers. Everything was just perfect. The table with a candle in the middle of the huge place. The way I always Imagined to be. Just like the movies. The instrumentalist were playing one of my favorite song. He took me to the table, pulled out a chair for me and then sat facing opposite to me.

"So how are you?" He said.

"Good" I faked a smile.

What is happening? I can't take this. This is too much.

"What would you like to eat ma'am?" The waiter asked.

"why don't you order Justin?"

"Okay, as you say. Two Masiro La vette and two Chairosee for now"

"Alex I just want to say I am sorry for everything. I have been a jerk. I don't deserve you. But I love you a lot." He said as he stood up , got down on his knees, took a little box from his jacket.

"Will you be mine forever?" he asked as he opened the box. It was a ring.

Around 12'o clock he dropped me home. As I opened the door, I saw Ab and Pattie sleeping in the drawing room. They must have been waiting for me. I climbed up to my bedroom and found Sharon sitting on my bed and watching a movie. She stood up as she saw me.

"How did he react? Was he upset? Of course he would be.This is so bad. I never thought that the couple that was an inspiration for real love would end up like this."

I said nothing. I stood in front of the mirror and started taking off my makeup and as I was taking off my earings. Sharon grabbed my hand. And closely examined my fingers.

"OH MY GOD!" She said as she jumped up and down

"THIS IS AN ENGAMENT RING! YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!" She pulled me into a hug. I felt so good. I couldn't say no. I love him more than I love myself.

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