The alarm tone brought Serianna back to her own world she looked at the clock and found out that it was 6 in the morning. She had half an hour to get to school. She didn’t want to go, but she had to.

In an hour she reached school. She went to the first 2 classes which was soporific to her. She went to the library as she received half an hour spare, she needed time to think and relax and in the meantime she determined to read a comic. She loved comics. She started searching for her favorite Archie comic, she picked up one of the comics and started reading it when someone tripped and fell upon her. Serianna stood up, knocking off the dust.

“Sorry” The girl said.

“It’s all right,” Serianna said without looking up.

As the girl was leaving the library Serianna noticed something in her hand, she wore a bracelet, but there was a beautiful design on the bracelet that resembles the design in her necklace. Justin had given this necklace to her. It was a handmade design. How that girl does have it?

After her stodgy classes got over, Serianna went to the park near her house. She wanted some fresh air. She exited the park and went rolling along the streets like a vagrant. All day she kept thinking about the bracelet she saw in that girl’s hand. After an hour or so she went to a café to have her favorite Oreo shake. She sat there phlegmatically thinking about all the things that occurred to her during the last 20 days.


Aunt Veniz…….16th birthday..…Maria……….Her mom……Alex….The Flashback…..Brian…...Andrea…….Justin….Sharon……Jake…..Bracelet.


It was too much for her. She felt like she could never disentangle the inextricable troubles she had. She couldn’t conceive of any answers to her doubts. She was exhausted as a result, her brain gave up functioning.

Whenever she was alone and she wanted to relax. She heard some particular kind of raucous shouts striking her mind. She heard those voices in her dreams too, and while sitting in the café she heard them once more. This wasn’t her illusion or anything; it was a veritable effect on her. This disturbed her a lot.

Suddenly something popped up in her voice, Alex’s Photo. She raced back home.She scanned the area around Aunt Veniz’s room for any sign though in the distance she could not see anyone coming. Quickly she went to Aunt Veniz’s room in furtive way.

Peeking into other’s belongings without their permission wasn’t a good thing to do. However she didn’t care, she wanted to know the truth. She opened Aunt Veniz’s closet, removed the clothes and opened the “hidden door” (She named it). She resumed her searching for the place she had left it. Thither were a sofa and a hearth opposite to it. Above the fireplace there were plenty of broken frames. She didn’t know why, but she felt like that something really bad happened. She could sense it, she felt like this room was burned down. She picked up a cloth and started picking up the broken frames. She removed the glass and carefully took out the photo from the frame. It was a lake in the background and there was Justin and he was holding someone’s hand.

The Girl was tall. She had a very athletic, sturdily built body. She had raven-black hair, slightly wavy with blue streaks at the tips. She had hazel eyes with baby pink lips. She wore a yellow baggy top with denim shorts. In short, she was most beautiful girl that Serianna had ever seen in her life. She looked at the back of the photo. Something was written in a lurid handwriting:

It was such an amazing day at the Ryech Lake. I love you, Justin. Thank you so much.


“A minute with you is worth more than a thousand days without your love.”



The girl in the photo was no other than Alex.



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