“I am afraid to be happy because every time I’m happy something goes wrong and hurts me.”

I was at the airport with my bags and a ticket to Paris. Every news about Justin and Selena felt like I was losing someone who wasn’t even mine.

“Flight no. 505 is ready to board” I heard the voice coming out of the speakers. I took my backpack and headed towards the flight. Only one hope left that nobody breaks my infinity, because I gave my everything to him.

After the flight reached Paris, I sat in the car with Ryan. He had come to pick me up. We headed towards the hotel Ritz Paris. I asked Ryan not to tell anyone about my arrival and he had arranged for a room in the same hotel in which Justin was staying.

I wore my glares and a scarf to be sure that nobody notices me. As we arrived at the hotel I watched thousands of fans outside the hotel with placards stating ‘I love you Justin’ and some of them even said ‘We love you Selena’, that meant she was staying in the same hotel. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking if she was staying in the same room as Justin too. Ryan dropped me in front of the hotel and went away. Apparently he didn’t want anybody to acknowledge him. I entered the hotel lobby. I went to the reception.

“Hello. Do you speak English?” I asked.

“Hello. Yes. How may I help you?” the receptionist said.

“ I want a room for 3 days.”

“It would be 400$ for 3 days in the RSo Room” RSo rooms were the only rooms that could fit in my budget.

“Yeah, that would be fine, ” I said and handed her my credit card.

“Thank You. Here are your keys, ” she said and handed me the key

As I was heading towards the my room. Out of a sudden I saw the security people coming. One of them pushed me on the side. Everything became a mess. The paparazzi was fighting the security to take some photos of the celeb that was coming. Then out of the lift came Justin Bieber. I quickly covered my face with the scarf. He went out of the hotel and drove off in his car.

I got hold of the elevator to the 9th floor on which my room was. The hallway of the hotel was extremely gorgeous with beautiful paintings on the side. I went to my room. I keep my bag at the side and went to take a shower, I was very tired and it was 8 in the morning. As the water poured over I was thinking of the things that happened. All the promises Justin made, all the love we shared and I wondered if it was still the same. I remember cuddling with Justin on the couch and he said in his thick Canadian argot that he would take me to Paris and we would stay in the best room of Hotel Ritz and we would tour the whole Paris together. Coincidentally, I am in Paris, In Hotel Ritz, but the saddest part is Justin isn’t here and our relationship doesn’t seem like it used to be.The only thing that kept haunting me was what if I became a memory for Justin. I was alone, there was no one to succor me. My heart had become a evanescenta of memories.

 After spending one hour of thinking and crying, I come out the shower. The concert was on the day after tomorrow and Ryan had given me the backstage passes. I didn’t know what to do. I had to make plans now. So the first thing I had to was to get the V.I.P pass to the party that was being held tonight and according to some staff whom I heard when I was going to my room Justin was attending this party and I think Selena too. This party would probably confirm all my doubts if everything that I have been thinking is true and if it turns out to be true it would be the demise of me.

I didn’t have any Paris number so I paid for the Room Calling service. I called Ryan. The phone kept ringing but he didn’t pick up. Finally, after I tried calling for the 3rd time he did

“Hey Ryan, sorry to disturb you.” I said

“I am sorry Alex. My phone was on the charger. Yes? What happened.”

“Are you going to the party tonight in the Ritz?”

“Yes and you are too”


“You wanted the VIP pass, right? I already reserved one for you”

“ I…   Thank You Ryan”

“Excusez – moi? You just broke our friendship by saying that” Ryan said and made weird voices as if he was crying.

“Oh Ryan! I love you so much, ” I said

“I know that. Get ready for the party”

“Okay, bye.” With that I hung up.

Finally, I had managed to get on with my first plan. I had bought a dress for my date with Justin which never happened due to the change in his tour dates. I unpacked my bag into the armoire. After that, I checked my phone, the twitter was flooded with ‘Jelena’s stay in the hotel. I hated all those pretentious articles that claimed love between Justin and Selena. My phone vibrated, I got a message from Abaranne, My doctor.

“Give me your Paris nmber so that I can call you.” The message said

I texted her my room phone number. Within a minute she called me.

“Hey Abaranne. How are you?”

“I am good ale. Have you taken your medicines?”


“Was the journey okay?”


“Keep drinking water. You get dehydrated most of the time”

“Okay Ab. I reached Paris a few hours ago”

“Good. You met him?”


“When will you tell Justin about this?”

“Not now. I have to look for the right time”

“Okay. Take care Alex and remember the proviso”

“Yeah I will”

“Bye” with that she hung up



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