"Hi," she said with a smile

"Hi what’s up? Umm. I am sorry for what happened yesterday". I said

"Oh! Just forget about it". Sharon replied.

"I wanted to tell u something", she said reluctantly, almost a whisper.

"Yeah go ahead,” I urged.

"I'll tell you afterwards, the teacher is coming". she said trying to avoid it.

"Good morning class", our teacher greeted us.

"Good morning ma’am" the class chorused.

"The music teacher is calling Sharon," a girl said in a low voice as she walked into the class.

"Sorry I can't excuse her right now," the teacher said.

But then something strange happened the girl, who had just walked in, walked up to the teacher and explained something to her. Instantly the teacher allowed Sharon to go.

 No doubt she is a good singer and she's in the choir but she never missed her classes. Time passed by but she didn't come back. The recess bell rang and I went to the music room to look for her. There she was.

"Hey Sharon!" I called out to her. She turned around to look up at me.

"What took you so long?" I asked.

"Um...there was a practice for some kind of show," Sharon said. 

“Wow that took long enough.”

"Yeah...see there is something I need to tell you," she said looking unsure.

"Shoot.” I said as I dug into my mousse.

"Promise me you will not run away or mention anything to Andrea, not even a word.” Sharon said with a worried expression.

I realized that it must be about Justin or Andrea but I decided that I would not run away. Someday or the other I would have to face them.

"I promise.” I said confidently.

"Justin is coming to London and he is performing for some schools including ours and we have no choice but to attend it.”

What the hell? I felt weak in the knees.

 Concert? Justin? Andrea? No bloody way. God please don't do this to me. Then it occurred to me that he couldn’t spot me among a thousand people. I continued to believe this and shut out my conscience’s voice suggesting that he would.

Before I could utter a word, Sharon continued. "And the most important thing is that apart from the other schools he is coming to our school to meet beliebers.”

"Cool." I said trying to sound normal. “I have to do something. I’ll meet you later k.” I lied as I walked away with tears brimming my eyes.

 Wow can u just imagine? My beautiful life getting so messed up. My life was completely normal but my childhood best friend coming to town ruined it all.

At one point in my life, Justin was the only person I wanted in my life and now he’s the only person I want out of my life!

I felt like gnawing my eyeballs out, or better yet DYING!

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