I woke up in the morning got ready and went to the ground floor of the hotel where they had organized a free breakfast buffet. As I walked along the long table filled with delicious dishes trying to figure out what to eat, I saw a man with a beard wearing a hat taking some donuts from the counter. He came to the spaghetti bowl standing just beside me waiting for his turn.

“Excuse me, ” he said. As soon as he said that I recognized that he was Justin.

I promptly looked at the left and started coughing, I held my head down and walked off from there. Gladly, he didn’t notice me. I went to the corner table, I took out my scarf and covered my face with it and I wore my glares. Before I could start eating my breakfast I saw Justin approaching, I couldn’t do anything.

“Hey, Is this Seat Taken?” he said

I couldn’t speak because if I did there were chances that he could recognize me, I just kept staring at him.

“I would take that as a yes” He said, pulled out the chair and sat down.

I eat in silence and avoided him as much as I could. Wasn’t this amazing? Sitting right in front of the person that matters the most to you in the whole world and being unable to say a single thing.

Maybe that’s what life is all about, challenges.

“Where are you from?” Justin asked

“None of your business” I said in a very different voice

He rolled his eyes and for the rest of the time he was just silently eating his breakfast.

After the breakfast I went back to my hotel room and slept so that I can be fresh for the party that night. It was 7’o clock when I woke up. I had one hour to get ready. I wore my long black gown and my sparkling black heels. I put on some mascara and eyeliner with red lipstick. I wore gray contact lenses. I chose a waterfall fishtail as my hairstyle. I was ready. Finally,  I put on my mask. For the first time ever, I felt so gorgeous when I looked at myself in the mirror.

At 8:15 I took my clutch and the V.I.P pass and took the lift to the 5th floor where the party was supposed to be held.

I could hear the loud music from the end of the hall. Two security guards approached me and asked me for my Invitation I showed them the invite and entered the party hall. I saw Hot guys with their hot girlfriends at the bar and couples dancing on the dance floor. I felt a hand around my waist, it was Ryan. He winked at me and told me that I looked very beautiful. I couldn’t find Justin or Selena anywhere. It was a big party and there were a lot of people. It was hard to find them. I searched the bar and the dance floor, I couldn’t find them. Then I thought I should find Ryan maybe he knows where they are but I couldn’t find him either. One hour had passed, I gave up and went to the bar. After a few minutes I saw Justin and Selena going on the dance floor. They were holding hands. Justin took the mike.

“Attention please. I am here to make an announcement” He started speaking. The music stopped and everybody had their eyes on the stage.

I took off my mask, to see a bit more clearly.

“It’s been three years since we are together” He took a pause and smiled at Selena.

It took me a minute to grasp those words into my mind. it was esoteric for me that this all was happening right in front of me.

“So we have decided that we will celebrate the day we first met, i.e. 25th may” the crowd started applauding.

“We will also launch our new album together” This time they roared ever more and they music started playing.

But something was happening the music was fading. I got up and started walking out. I entered the elevator. I think I must have gotten something in my eye because tears were falling down and my vision became blurred but I think I saw Justin coming towards me as the doors of the elevator closed. I pressed the ground floor button. Within some seconds I was out of the hotel walking down the road. I got a call, I took out my phone from the clutch. I couldn’t read the caller ID properly, but I thought it was Ab.  I picked up the call.

“Hey Alex”

“Hi, ” I tried to sound like I wasn’t crying

“Did you tell Justin that you are pregnant?” Ab asked worriedly. I Heard a car honking loudly

“I Don’t-------“ Before I could finish my sentence, I heard a loud noise as if some girl just got hit by a car. Some kind of detonation I think. Oh well That was me! That was all I remember before everything blacked out.



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