Days flew by. Only few months had passed since Justin left for the world tour. I tried to call him many times, but he never picked up. I finally gave up and why should I call him? It just felt like I didn’t know him anymore. The thought of Selena in his arms made my heart burn like somebody kept adding propane to it. I didn’t know where to go or who to ask about him. Whoever knew about our relationship had already believed that we broke up and Selena was Justin’s new girlfriend. I had started to believe them too.

The year was about to finish and I was going to graduate soon I had already applied at the ACIM Archeology Corporation of Iraina Massive, which was the best company in the research of History. My exams were near. I had a lot of things to work upon.

I woke up, got ready and rushed off to the university. I was determined to concentrate on my studies now. I had to come out from that love shit. If Justin doesn’t care to call me, why should I care? I have to focus on my career now.  I went to the library to get some extra books that would help me to study. After attending my lectures I decided to go to the library and study there. It had a peaceful environment. My room had too many pictures of Justin library kept me away from getting thoughts of him.

 As I was climbing up the stairs to the Library, somebody tapped on my shoulder. I looked around  it was Andrea. I didn’t like her face anymore. I knew why she came here.

“I am so sorry to hear about your break- up” Andrea said.

I wanted to punch her so bad. I was getting  angry.

“ It’s life Alex. He doesn’t deserve you. You should move on.” She continued.

“We didn’t break up! He still Loves me!!!! Do you get that?” I shouted back.

“I didn’t mean to----“ Before she could complete I ran away to the washroom and locked myself in.

Why was everyone saying that? I wanted to scream tell them it’s not true, but I started doubting myself. What if it is true? He doesn’t love me anymore? What should I do? I needed to talk to him. But How?

I’ve been ignoring this big lump in my throat. I didn’t want to cry, but I couldn’t help myself. I just didn’t know what to do. What now? I just couldn’t figure it out.

I went  back to the hostel. I opened my laptop and opened  Justin’s website. His next concert was in Paris, France. All The tickets had already been booked.Ryan went with Justin to his tour. Maybe I should ask him. I am certain he will understand my plan and not tell Justin about it. I called him. The bell rang for a few minutes and then he picked up.

“Hello Alex?” Ryan said.

“Hello Ryan. How are you?”

“Oh. Uh. I am good. What about you?” he sounded tensed.

“Where are you?” I asked

“Um. Actually, I am in Paris for Justin’s concert”

“Is Justin around?”

“No, actually I am in my hotel room”

“Actually, I want a ticket to his concert. Could you get it for me?”

“Oh. I don’t know all the tickets are booked.”

“What about the V.I.P ones?”

“They have been sold off too”

He was hiding something from me. I had to figure it out.

“ Do you know anything about Justin and Selena?”

I knew he was becoming anxious because he knew I was going to inquire about them.

“Alex. I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Bye”

“Wait, Ryan. Please”

He didn't hang up on his call. Thank God.


“Please tell me. What is happening?”

“Alex”  there was silence for a few minutes.

“Ryan. Please”

“I don’t know anything about them. I’ll arrange your concert ticket. When are you coming to Paris?”

“Thanks Ryan. I love you. I’ll message you the details”

“Anything for you” He giggled

“And Ryan Please don’t tell anyone about this.”


“Bye”  with that I hung up.

I took out my wallet from my bag. Luckily, I had saved enough money to purchase a ticket to Paris. All thanks to my working on weekends in Café Casta. The concert was on Friday and today was Wednesday. I needed to leave today. I instantly opened up my laptop and logged on to there were only 3 flights going to Paris today. I checked two of them. All seats were booked. The page loaded for the details of the third flight. I held the cross in my hand and prayed to God. This flight had one seat vacant. I booked it and printed out my flight boarding ticket. I was going to Paris tonight.


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