Serianna Slammed the door on her dad's face. She locked herself in the room.

"Leave me Alone!" she yelled as she heard her dad knocking on the door.

"Serianna please Listen to me." her dad tried to calm her down.

"It's not 'Serianna'! It's 'Sriz'! Don't you get that?"

"Okay Sriz, can you open the door please?"

She wasn't in a mood to deal with him and after a while she realized her dad was not at the door anymore.

Serianna slouched in the couch, wondering why on earth her dad and mom hated her so much. Now, she decided not to give a damn about anyone, which included her Friends, her mom, her dad, Aunt Veniz; she hated the Whole Freakin' World!

There was a reason for all this. Her dad was the famous rich pop star 'Justin Bieber' and her Mom was a fashion designer. She never got the love she longed to have from her parents, but the reality was that her dad loved her a lot. Her dad was busy all the time doing his tours and stuff and her mom was working in her studio all the time. She hated the fact of being 'Justin Bieber's' daughter. Her parents being busy all the time, made her feel neglected and unwanted.

Her dad tried his best to talk to her and make her understand, but after she entered her teens, she made a new group of friends or what people call as a "Bad Company". She was out the whole day and ended up fighting with her parents everyday. But this time it was different; she really needed her mom by her side. But she was mistaking her mother's busy schedule for her negligence. She felt as if her mom hated her cause her mom never tried to help her or talk to her when she needed her. Her eyes were all puffed up and red. She had being crying for a long time now, the case being her boyfriend Brian, who had dumped her.

Love Sucksshe thought as she cried herself to sleep.

The sun lasered into the room, waking her after she'd slept for less than six hours. Groaning, she rolled over and pulled then pillow on the top of her head when she remembered that it was "June 18". She sat up in bed up feeling annoyed. It was her 16th birthday and she wasn't happy at all.

She didn't even care about her birthday, why would she? Nobody celebrated it. Her dad had gone to Las Vegas last night, as it was a part of his tour. He was never there for her birthday. Since the last 6 years all she had been doing for her birthday, was going on a 7 star hotel and having dinner with her mom and Aunt Veniz. This time, the same thing was bound to happen.

With a sigh, she swung herself out of bed and padded to the bathroom quickly she showered, got ready and went downstairs. Aunt Veniz awaited her.

"Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!" Aunt Veniz pulled her into a hug.

Aunt Veniz was the only person she talked to and respected in the house. She hugged her back. Aunt Veniz gave her the gift her dad had bought her. On her Birthday, her dad always bought a gift for her but she hated it. She took the gift and kept it in the cupboard alongside all the other unwrapped gifts her dad gave her. She never opened them because for her, the presence of her parents at the time of need was the real gift for her.

Aunt Veniz had made her favorite breakfast. She ate it and headed back to her room.

"Don't you have to go to school today?" Aunt Veniz questioned her.

"No. I don't feel well." Serianna answered.

Aunt Veniz didn't say anything after that she knew that Serianna wanted to be alone. All these years, she had seen her grow up and she knew how she felt, but she couldn't help it. Justin had to go on tours and that was his profession. Marie, Serianna's mom never cared about her. She was to busy with the fame she got.

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