CHAPTER 9: Maybe It's The Starting

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So there I was in the flight to New York. I was excited as i was going to  a new place new area, everything new and  maybe I was going to see Justin again.

Before I was leaving for New York my dad called Pattie to inform her that I was coming. Someone should be there to take care of me he said to me. Pattie was so excited that she told dad that I would live with her and that was obvious! But I insisted that I don’t want to be a kind of burden and then I told dad that her house was very far from the university. He and Pattie agreed. So the plan was for some weeks I was going to stay with her until I find a good place for living.

The flight was for 18 hours, taking a halt in London. I reached London. I walked thought the airport to catch the flight to New York. I went to the duty free looking around when I heard a girl scream. I looked back some celeb was passing by and the paparazzi was there clicking  pictures and people were screaming. The celeb went out of the airport then I saw girl shouting and screaming I went to her “who was it?” and what she replied really moved me “You don’t know? He was JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, almost whole of the airport heard it. I didn’t know how to react why did I missed it! I am such a freakin’ idiot! I thought. I looked at the watch I was late I ran to catch my flight.

I was in the flight and all I was thinking was about him. What if I go to him and he doesn’t remember who I am. What if he doesn’t accept me back? What if he has a girlfriend? I knew if something like this happens I can handle myself but what about my heart? will it ever recover from the injury. I don’t know all I knew was I can’t afford to lose him and that was final I won’t!

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