CHAPTER 16: Justin?

I took the train to New York, and then walked to his house. I pressed the door bell button. The house-maid opened the door. As soon as I entered, I saw Scooter and Pattie talking in the living room. They both were surprised to see me there.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Scooter said.

“Excuse me? I thought I have right to know what’s happening!” I said, clenching my jaw.

“Listen Alex, you should go back home. He is going through to much right now. I’ll call you when everything is normal.”

To be honest, that really hurt. I thought I had the right to know everything that was happening in Justin's life. Scooter was pushing me aside as if I was another problem for him.

“Where is Justin?” I asked.

“Alex. I am arranging a driver, you are going back home.” He said looking away.

Before I could answer I saw someone descending the stairs.

“Justin doesn’t want to eat anything” Selena said.

What? Selena? So you mean I am not allowed to meet Justin but Selena is! Did anyone know that I am Justin's Girlfriend?

I gave Scooter a frowning look and climbed the stairs. Sharon was still downstairs, talking to Pattie. I opened the door of Justin’s room. I was taken aback by the amount of people in there, Ryan, Alfredo, Allison and Usher. I couldn’t see Justin. I stepped inside. They were all shocked to see me. Somehow it felt like nobody wanted me there. I started looking around the room and saw Justin at the corner sitting on a couch with his face in his hands. I slowly walked towards him. I sat beside him on the couch. I put a hand on his shoulder. He lifted up his head to see the person’s face and wasn’t pleased to see me.

“Justin…” I tried to speak.

“What are you doing here?” He said, while removing my hand from his shoulder.

He didn’t let me answer. He stood up walked over to Ryan, whispered something to him and walked out of the room. Within a second, I saw scooter entering the room.

“Alex, are you happy now? You met him, ok? Now leave” Scooter said.

I Knew scooter never liked me but that doesn’t mean he would be so rude to me and act as if I was creating a mess here. He thought that I wasn’t good enough for Justin and that I was here only because of Justin’s money. Money was all I cared about and I could lead Justin to his downfall by making him fall in love with me. I wasn’t assuming all of this. I had heard him saying all this to Pattie.

I was too shocked by the way Justin reacted. I never thought that he wouldn’t want me to interfere. I had been holding back my tears for too long, I finally let it go. Allison saw me crying. She came and hugged me.

“Everything’s going to be alright” She said.

Scooter still stood there frowning at both of us. Allison took me to the other room.

“Please tell me what is happening?” I begged for the truth.

“As soon as Justin reached home, he called us and told how guilty he was. He disappointed all his fans and especially you. He told me that he didn’t have the strength to face you. He thought that after this you would never want to see his face and that he doesn’t deserve you. That’s why he ordered all of us to not to tell anything to you. He is in depression. He hasn’t spoken to anyone after this. He hasn’t eaten anything.” Allison explained.

“Oh God! I love him he knows that! How can he think like that! I know he did something wrong! But! ” I just didn’t what to say.

I took a deep breath. “What did he do?” I said.

“He violated the rules. He was drunk and was driving the car and had an expired license. That’s all I know”

“What? How careless can he be?”

“I know that’s terrible. Pattie scolded him a lot. She was really upset. She doesn’t want to talk to him”

I had totally lost my temper. How can he do this? Drink and Drive? That’s like one of the basics of driving and in addition to that, an expired license? But when I saw the condition he was, I felt bad for him. He was guilty and I could see that. He should be, he has done something wrong. But I knew he had realized his mistake. I stood up went downstairs. Allison didn’t stop me.

I went to the kitchen and cooked something for Justin. I knew he wouldn’t eat some outside food. Within 15 minutes, the food was ready. I put the food in the plate and went upstairs. I entered the room Justin was in and saw Justin sitting beside the bed. I closed the door behind.



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