CHAPTER 8: Part 2

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That day approached when Justin was about to leave, we didn’t want to end our relationship, long distance relation wasn’t a good Idea. So we kept our relation as it was we hoped that nothing will change we will always love each other. I was crying when he was about to leave. He came to towards me and kissed me and said “ I’m never gonna forget you. I Love you” he left.

 By the time I had passed my 12th and was thinking about studying abroad. Justin and I didn’t talk much because of many reasons one of them being he was busy doing his tours and stuff and the other was the Time difference which actually cause a lot of problem. before he left he promised me that he would call me as soon as he reach America. Christmas passed but he never called.

3 Months had passed no call no letter no message . nothing. I didn’t hear anything from Justin. My friends asked me “Do u still love him?” and I always replied “I don’t know there is something about him that I just can’t let go”. Of course three months didn’t effect my love for him. I will always love him no matter what happens, even if it becomes a one- sided love. Yeah that was the thing I was afraid of “one sided love” what if Justin doesn’t love me anymore? After all this I was sure that he found someone new. There are so many pretty girls in USA why would he stick to me?

One day my dad called me and gave me a letter. It was Princeton university and when I read that I came to know that thy have accepted my admission in the university. I had tears of happiness. I hap applied to them a long time back and when I got the letter I was really surprised cause I had no idea that I would get selected but maybe even god wanted Justin and I together or maybe god wanted me to go there and face the truth about Justin’s new girlfriend (if she exists).

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