Serianna pushed Brian away and walked out of the library, but she forgot to pick up the “The Flashback”. It laid on the library table. That book caught Brian’s eye. He picked it up at once knowing it was Serianna’s, he had seen her reading it.

Serianna attended her last class, the bell rang and she went home. As she was eating her lunch, she stopped. She had a terrible feeling that she forgotten something very valuable. THE FLASHBACK!

After some time, when she was trying to figure out what she should so Serianna heard the door bell ring. She opened the door to see Brian. She cast an eye over his hand which held 'The Flashback'.

“Hey, you forgot this in the library." Brian said

Serianna quickly snatched the book from his hands and wrapped her arms around it.

“I hope he didn’t read it” she said to herself

“Did you say something?” he asked

“No. Nothing. Thanks for getting this”

“Welcome." Brian said and started heading back but then he stopped and turned around.

“Are you free this evening?" He asked.

“No. I mean Yes. Why?” Serianna asked.

“I want to talk to you."

Hearing this Serianna would have shut the door on his face but she didn't instead.

“Yes me too. There are a lot of things we need to talk about." She replied.

Serianna went back to her room and put the book in her cupboard where it would be safe. She laid down on the bed beating her brains out about the reply. She was totally in a dilemma about Brian. Her mind told her that Brian should be the last thing she should think about but her heart skipped a beat whenever he came to mind. She seemed unsure as to what to do.

She got a call from her friend, Avalanna. Avalanna was one of Serianna’s best friends. She was the only one who could relate to Serianna’s problems like being celebrity’s daughter, Avalanna was the only child of Austin Mahone and Alicia Mahone. As Serianna talked on the phone, her tension so thick only moments before, was dissipating as quickly as it had arisen.

No doubt The Flashback was doing something to Serianna. Serianna had a heart of stone. Now it seemed like she was getting nicer, sweeter and more polite, in short a better human being

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