One thing was for sure I had fallen head over heels for Justin. If I try to imagine my life without him all I could imagine is black and empty. It was true he was the color of love in my life. He is my everything.

I spent my whole day with Justin. He was playing with my hair and we were talking and talking and cuddling with each other. Trust me he is very cute. Then suddenly he said

“I bought you something”

And then he took a pretty neck chain from his pocket. It Had the Letter A with a Heart and the letter J.

“This is so beautiful” I said



“Let me put it up for you” he put my hair on the side took the necklace put it on my neck and locked it.

“Don’t ever get that off you”

“I won’t”. He kissed my forehead.


Serianna closed the book. She looked at the clock. She had been reading for 3 hours straight. It was 4’o clock in the morning. She remembered that she had a test today and she was not at all prepared. She was now feeling very sleepy but she wanted to read further. She decided that she would take some rest and continue that she took the book and kept it at the side table drawer.

She picked up the box, as she was closing it her eyes saw a necklace, she took it out and as she looked at it. She instantly came to know what it was. It had the letter A with a heart and the letter J. It was the same necklace her dad had given to her mom. She remembered the line in the book and according to that Alex had promised Justin that she would never ever take it off but then how is it in this box? Where is Alex? She thought. she kept the necklace safe in her cupboard drawer.

After some hours she woke up it was 6:30 am. She got up and got ready for school. She took out the “The Flashback” from her drawer and kept it in her bag.

She went downstairs. She saw Aunt Veniz there. She looked upset. Serianna didn’t want a conversation so she quickly picked up an apple and went out without saying a word.

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