The next morning we woke, got ready and were off to the university. We entered the university. Sharon was amazed she got excited and was jumping all around. She had heard a lot about this university. I took her inside for a tour of my college. After an hour she met her band mates in the hall and was interacting with the bands of other countries.


As we left the hall I saw Jake and Andrea walking down the hall, holding each other’s hand. I knew this was the best time to make Sharon see the truth but before I could make her aware, she had already seen Jake. I looked at her; she was expressionless with tear drops falling from her eyes. With the corner of my eyes, I saw Jake and Andrea sharing a kiss. She was losing her consciousness, I could see it. I asked her to come with me so that I can explain her everything but she refused to come instead she walked towards Jake. She stood in the path of Jake staring at him with her arms crossed.


Jake was totally shocked. He didn’t except that Sharon to come here all the way from London. He didn’t know how to react he was paralyzed. Before he could say anything, Sharon slapped him.


“I never thought that you’d turn out to be like this” Sharon said and walked away.


The crowd was staring at Jake and Andrea. I saw Andrea giving Jake a fuming look and then she left.


“Andrea! Listen.” I saw Jake storming after her.


I followed Sharon. I saw her sitting behind a campus tree. I went and sat beside her. I wiped the tears off her face and hugged her.


“I’m fine” she said. I knew she was lying.


“Sharon listen----” I tried to say something.


“Alex. I’m going back to the hotel the band meeting is over. We will be starting our practices from tomorrow” she said as she got up.


I saw her band mates approaching she joined them and within minutes they were out of the university. I felt guilty for spoiling her first trip to New Jersey. Maybe this should have happened after the battle of bands I wished that this won’t distract her singing.


After attending my classes I headed back to the dormitory. I didn’t if I should call Sharon or not but then I decided to give her some space. She will be okay, I knew. The sun had set an hour ago, and after surfing restlessly through a handful of channels on the common room’s TV, I had shut it off and picked up a book from the nearby book shelf. After an hour I went back to my room. I heard my phone ringing, I searched the room for my phone and when I picked it up. It was Ryan, Justin’s friend. He said only four words “Check the news channel” with that he hung up.

He must have meant the TV  I thought. I quickly went back to the common room nobody was there. I switched on the TV. I quickly searched through a number of channels before finally reaching a news channel.


“BREAKING NEWS!” The host said.


I sat down on the couch trying to understand the ‘Breaking News’.


“Fans gather around the prison” A lady said. In the background, I could see hundreds of fans standing.


Then out of a sudden a headlined popped up “POPSTAR JUSTIN BIEBER ARRESTED!” A head-shot of Justin was zoomed into the screen.


“Fans Gather around the prison to support their idol” they continued the headline.


All the colors drained from my face making me appear pale. The remote I held in my hand, crashed against the floor. I put my hands to mouth in complete tremor as I stood up from the couch. I could feel my legs shaking. Not being able to believe what I just heard, I squeezed my eyes shut before opening them again.



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