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I was standing there in the hospital room totally numb, I wanted to look away, but I was caught- Spellbound. As I was about to answer a "yes" something stops me.

"I need time to think." I reply.

"Okay." His gaze holds mine. His face revealed the unhappiness.

I nod and walk away while Pattie and Ab stand there trying to grasp whatever happened in that single minute.

Justin dropped me home went to buy the medicines. As I lay down on my bed, Ab said "I have called your parents, they will probably reach here by tomorrow"

"What?!" I say astonished.

"You had to tell them one day." She said.

"Yes. But this wasn't the right time! If they come here they will be angry about this pregnancy stuff and then they will force me to marry Justin"

"It's okay. I Know they will be angry, but it's going to be okay and then obviously you will marry Justin so what's the problem?"

"The problem is I am not getting married."

"What?" She said as if she didn't hear me properly.

"I want to sleep" I said and pulled my blanket over my head.

Justin comes into my bedroom, taking out my medicines and pouring a glass of water for me.

"You need to take these before you sleep, " he says waiting for me to get up.

I sit up, take the medicines without making any eye contact with him and I go back to sleep.

Serianna hears a knock on the door, she quickly hides the book under her pillow.

"May I come in?" Justin said. It was very strange as Justin rarely came to her bedroom.

"Yeah, Dad." Serianna replied

Justin went inside and sat beside her.

"Are you okay?" He asked.


"It's 2 am, you should be sleeping."

"I don't sleep. Sleep is for the weak."

"Teenage years, you sleep all day and stay awake all night" Her dad smiled.

Serianna didn't say anything secretly waiting him to go so that she can continue reading.

"Serianna I wanted to say that" He paused.

"That I know I am the worst dad ever, I've made some mistakes and I regret that. I am sorry, I am trying my best to be a better father."

For the first time ever, Serianna could see the similarities between Justin from The Flashback and her dad. The guy who cared. She tried to remember some good moments with her father from some previous years, but unfortunately there wasn't any. Till the age of 10 she was in a boarding school and saw her father once a month or sometimes once a year. For the next six years she shifted to some school here in California. He was mostly on tours so she never really got to had the father-daughter relationship. When he was home, she used to mostly get into fights with her dad. Her mom Marie rarely talked to her apart from asking about how her studies were going on. Serianna never tried to improve her relationship with her family; she preferred staying alone.

Instead of being the usual rude and passing some harsh comments she said "I'll try to be a better daughter."

Justin was surprised.

"You should sleep now" He smiled and exited the room, turning the lights off.

Serianna wanted to read more, but she was very tired. She had school tomorrow. She decided to sleep as she lay in her bed listening to her playlist. She thought about the book.

Maybe Alex and Justin never got married and somehow I ended up with my dad. But why didn't Alex want to marry? She loved him right? Or did she love somebody else? Why did dad let her go? Why did she leave me? Ugh! I should just go straight to dad and ask him to tell me everything. But what if Dad got angry or something like that? I should ask Sharon. Wait, I did ask her, but all she said was that it wasn't her duty to tell the truth. Who is Andrea? Maybe I can ask her. But I don't know where she lives. I feel like an emissary right now. Why is everything so complicated? Ugh R.I.P Me.

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