The Door

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Serianna opened the door; she placed her foot inside the room. It was too dark. She tried to figure out where the switch was, she placed her hand on the wall next to her trying to walk. She found a switch and pushed it upwards. Soon the bulb in the center lighted the whole room. The room represented a very old structure, it was very dirty and everything was covered with white sheets. There were a lot of photos hung up on the wall covered with sheets. An old rocking chair stood in the corner, next to an abandoned wooden cradle and an end table which had a deep scratch across the surface. She picked up a broom which was lying at a corner and removed the spider webs that came in her way.

She never knew this house had secret rooms. The room was a bit creepy. She could detect things moving at the corners, Rats probably they were. She moved towards the photo on the wall she grabbed the white sheet and removed it. She used a cloth which she found on the ground to knock down the dust from the photo to make out the person’s face. It was her dad! His photo when he was in his 20’s.

He wore a black coat with a bow-tie holding red roses in his hand. He was smiling. Serianna felt strange. She realized that she had never actually seen her dad’s real smile. He appeared so happy, full of life. Comparing to the present, her dad always looked dull as if he had no colors in his life. She stared at the picture for moments.

She moved on to the next photo. She removed the white cloth. This time it was a group photo of some kind of class with 20 to 30 people in it. She removed the photo frame from the wall to have a better glance at it. It was a picture of a convocation party. She fixed her eyes upon the photo trying to recognize people. She found Justin in the second row. On his right, Aunt Veniz! On Justin’s left stood a blonde girl with her arm around his shoulder. Serianna couldn’t recognize the face. Is it Alex? She thought. The photo didn’t specify the year but it did specify the names of the people in it. She searched Justin’s name through the pile.

“ROW 2: Left to Right: Marina, Jane, Dean, Lucas, James, Roselyn, Andrea, Justin, Sharon” She read out loud.

She flipped the photo to recognize the faces on the right or left of Justin. The blonde girl was Andrea! She did match the description which Alex gave in the starting of her book: Blue eyes, Wavy Blonde Hair. Sharon stood on the right. This proved Aunt Veniz as Sharon!

She still couldn’t find Alex in the photo. She didn’t realize that there were two photos in the photo frame. She kept the photo frame back to its place. As she went further to explore the room, she heard footsteps drawing near the room. She identified the person by his voice. Justin! She didn’t remember closing the front door and if Justin sees the open door, he’ll probably come in and Serianna will be caught. She swiftly ran outside the ‘Secret Room’. Locked the door with the key in her bracelet and moved out of the closet. She went out of the room shutting the door behind her softly. She hid behind a pillar as she Justin coming towards her direction. As he passed, she ran to her room before he could notice her.

Serianna came back to her room and soon fell fast asleep. She woke up in the middle of the night. Trying hard not to remember the nightmare she just had. She tried to go back to sleep but she couldn’t. To distract herself she opened her cupboard and took out ‘The Flashback’. She continues from the page she last read. She started to read: “CHAPTER 14: Surprise”



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