This was it. I decided to face Justin and tell him the truth. I went back home. I was about to go in my room when my dad called me downstairs.



He told me that we are going to London because his job was being transferred there. It took time for me to believe that. I didn’t want to leave my school my friends, my house, my country and go into a strange world and live there. I was shocked and I was crying.

He then told me to pack my bag as we were leaving tomorrow. I didn’t tell anybody. I barely had friends and those whom I trusted, had already broken that trust. But I still wanted to clear out things.




 It was time to met Justin. This time I was determined to tell him everything. I went to the tree house. As I was climbing the ladder of the tree house I heard familiar voices. I was shocked to see Andrea there. It was Justin and mine secret tree house, we had promised each other to never let anyone else in.



What I saw and heard was something that broke my heart into a million of pieces. Justin was holding Andrea’s hand, I couldn't believe it. And when he said those words to her, I almost died. He said "I Love You" and Andrea smiled. I thought I lost Justin as my friend but then I realized, you can’t lose someone you never had.


I wasn’t sad anymore; I was just tired of this place. I felt relieved to leave this place finally. I went back home, packed my bags and the Next day I was on the flight London after that I never saw Justin or Andrea again. Justin's parents use to call as they really missed us, but I never talked to them, I use to hide somewhere or pretend that I am busy. Justin and I hadn’t spoken for days and I was trying to be okay with that. Then time passed by and I was trying to forget him, but I couldn’t. I wondered if he ever just stop and think “Man, I miss her”.


 It was after a year that I came to know about Justin signing records and then all those headlines in the newspaper that said "Bieber Fever is Everywhere" He was getting more and more famous everyday. The same boy who use to by my best friend was now a freaking famous popstar. Every day, every minute, every second, I tried to forget all the memories, his smile, his laugh, his voice but I ended up missing it more than ever.


Sharon read the letter and she didn’t know how to react, to be happy because he was here now or to be sad because this all happened. She put her bag aside and kept the letter safe somewhere.

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