Part 1

*The next week*

I found out that Justin was coming this Wednesday and the only thing I could do was skip school and stay at home, like a coward. Wednesday approached and I was at home acting to be sick.

"Should I call the doctor?" my mom, who got worried about the smallest things, asked me.

"No mom I just need some rest that's all." I assured her.

The next day, I woke up feeling fresh, forgetting about all the mess that was being created in my life. I was trying to act cool. There is nothing to be worried about. I falsely assured myself.

"Alex.” Sharon said as I turned and smiled.

"Did you meet Justin yesterday?" I asked.

"Umm... Alex," she began to explain.

"Yeah I know, I have missed everything yesterday must have been real fun." I said.

"No Alex. Justin couldn't come yesterday so he is coming today. I am so sorry I tried to call you yesterday, but your mom said you were sick. I didn't want to disturb you,” she said in one breath.

I could feel my hear start to race and I realized one thing. However fast I ran, my past was catching up with the same speed.

"Why does it always happen to me?" I questioned my fate as my voice began to quiver.

"I will always be with you, don't you worry." Sharon tried her best to comfort me.

During the 2nd lesson our music teacher called Sharon. This was probably a hint that Justin had arrived at the school. After about an hour, Sharon returned.

"The music teacher wants to see Alex in the music room." Sharon said to the teacher.

"You can take her,” said the teacher. It was very unusual because when it came to music, I was usually the wallflower. The fact that the music teacher knew my name came as a surprise to me,

"Sharon what's the matter?" I whispered on our way to the music room.

"Umm, nothing she just called for some information." Sharon shrugged.

"Information?" I questioned.

"Yeah." She said bluntly.

The thought of Justin’s presence ran through my mind. I entered the music room and my thoughts were supported by evidence. Justin was sitting right in front of me. I felt paralyzed for I couldn't hear what Sharon was saying. He saw me and at that instant I felt a current rush through me. His perfect eyes were staring into mine.

It had been ages since I had seen him. He looked a little different, a little more handsome, a little more charming, and a little bigger. If there was one thing that hadn’t changed, it was the way he made my heart race. I wanted to engulf him in a hug and apologize to him, but Sharon stamping on my foot got me back into reality.

"Excuse me miss, did you want to see me?" I asked the music teacher.

She didn’t seem to take notice of me and left the room without attending to me. Sharon went to Justin and whispered something to him.

"I am going back to the classroom,” I said to Sharon.

Justin put aside his guitar and walked towards me, but Sharon stopped him and shook her head, telling him that this wasn’t the right time. Sharon and I came out of the music room.

“Alex, I-” she began

"Don't talk to me." I cut her short.

"Just listen to me." Sharon wined.

"What?" I stomped my foot and turned around to face her.

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