Justin locked the storage room with his elbow. I could hear the noise of nurses walking down the hallway most probably to my room.

"Are you going to put me down? Or do I need to show my karate skills?" I asked

" Go ahead" He smirked.

"I am seriously not in mood neither I want to hurt my baby"

"My baby? It's OUR baby" he put me down.

"Just fuck off!" I started screaming.

He pushed me to the wall, put his hand on my mouth.

"You need to listen to me once. Please." He begged.

I pushed him away and grabbed his T-shirt.

" I am not interested in your story of how easily you betrayed me, " I said as tears reached my cheeks.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment. He just looked deep in my eyes.

He picked me up and made me sit on the shelf.

"Just one last chance, please." I nodded and looked away.

"When I travelled to London for my concert, I met Selena. Our producers decided for a collab for my concert in France so we both agreed. When we landed together in France, paparazzi spread rumors about us dating. This made the tour tickets sold out even faster than before and a great success for Selena's album too. My record label producer told me to pretend like I am dating Selena so that we could earn more profit. I tried my best to not let this happen, but after my imprisonment this was the only label I could trust and they trusted me back and If I refused to do so there would be a huge loss to the label which I didn't want to happen. I know I am the worst person ever and you could get someone so much better I felt the worst person on this earth and I couldn't even pick up your phone but when I saw you at the party last night..."

" I HATE YOU. You could have just told me the truth instead of killing me everyday, making me think that you don't want me anymore. Every time I saw your picture kissing Selena It Killed a piece of my heart. Everyday at the uni I would hear Sympathies from people because according to them you broke up with me." I said. I could see a blur face of Justin, my eyes were filled with tears.

Justin looked away " I didn't kiss her. We just moved forward so that the media could click a picture." He said in a shaky voice

I wiped my tears away. For the first time ever in my life, I saw Justin crying that badly. All my anger just blew out.

" I am sorry for everything" He said and went out of the storeroom.

I walked back to my room as I reached there I saw Pattie sitting on my bed in a worry and Ab on the phone and few nurses walking around the room.

"Oh My God! Where the fuck have you been?" Ab said as she saw me standing in the doorway.

She grabbed my hand and made me lie down on the bed.

"You are not leaving this room" She ordered. I simply nodded.

I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and found my room decorated with bouquets containing flowers and M&Ms. Justin entered my room and asked Ab and the other doctor if now we can leave.

"Yes, you can take her. I have given all the precautions and prescribed medicines information to Justin" said the other doctor.

Justin came to me and helped me to get up. I went to the washroom to change my clothes as I came back, I saw Justin talking to Pattie. Ryan and scooter were also there.

"Let's go." I said.

Matters were still not smooth between me and Justin.

Justin came close to me, bent down on his knees and took out a ring from his jacket's pocket.

" I know I am the greatest idiot ever and I have hurt you like hell but unfortunately this idiot loves you more than anything else in this world." He said and took a pause.

I was paralyzed with nervousness.

"Would you marry me?" He smiled.



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