CHAPTER 11 : Our Love

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Chapter 11: Our Love

“Hey please, forgive me, don’t cry” Justin said

Justin soon realized that my tears were his weakness. He loves me and I know that.

“I love you” I said

“I love you too” he said as he kissed me on the cheek.

We talked for hours and gradually I forgave him. He was with me finally. In few weeks I had to start my university and this time I can’t afford to lose him again. We shared something very special. Our Love wasn’t just a teenage love neither it was like a summer breeze that lasts for some moments only. It was something else, something very special, something very deep, something that stays on forever and I knew there is nothing in this world that can separate us.

“I am starting with My University on the next Tuesday” I told Justin.

“I know. Even God wants us to stay together. When I was told about my next album’s recordind, I asked them where it was. They told me it is “SMN recording’s studio” which is quite near to your university. So we both are gonna leave together in the morning and then do are work then I’ll pick you from your university and we’ll come back home. How does this sound?”

“OMB!!!!!! This is so goooooood I am so happy. I love you so much” I was totally shocked. This was unbelievable!

“Oh no!” I had forgotten something.

“What happened?”

“When I was coming here I had no idea that This all is gonna happen. I was very angry with you. So somehow I made my dad agree that I will not stay in your house instead I would stay in some hostel, but which hostel I would stay? Wasn’t decided so I on my own talked to the University’s girl’s hostel about my stay there and now everything is done and according to the plan I am going to leave tomorrow”

 I could make it out that he wasn’t happy at all. He knew he can’t do anything. Payment was done and all those things were very expensive and then you have to do lots of things to cancel it including informing the university about cancelling their stay in the hostel ONE MONTH before. We just had one day left. Nothing could be done now.

“Fine. Whatever” he looked upset

“I am so sorry Justin. What we can do is. We will follow you plan the only change in the plan will be that instead of we both coming back her now you will drop me to the hostel. Okay?” I tried to make it happen.

“This sounds better. Cool” he was somehow a little happy now.

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