Part 3.

I placed all my clothes in the walk-in-cupboard. It was amazing I looked out of the window I could see children playing. It was so different from the place where I used to live. I took out my phone to call dad. I called him , I told him that I just reached Pattie’s house and this place is amazing.

I sat down on the couch , I put on my headphones I played my play list. First song was Burn by Ellie Goulding then next was by skylark grey and the songs kept shuffling and then suddenly a song come I looked at my ipod “Love me” by Justin Bieber  and suddenly all I could think was about him. All those things started flashing in my mind. I really wanted to know where he was, I wanted to meet him. I went downstairs somehow I found the courage to ask Pattie about him. She was sitting on the couch reading Magazines.

“Hey” I said and sat next to her.

“Oh hey Alex you okay?” she smiled


“how are your Mom and Dad ?”

“they are good”

“What about your sister?”

“Susan is fine.”

Then finally I asked her.

“ummm….where is Justin?” I asked

She was laughing and I had no idea why.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“Oh sorry actually when you came in I was wondering why didn’t you asked about Justin but there you are” she said

“Does Justin know I’m here?”

“Ofcourse! that’s why he has been planning all the……oops I shouldn’t have said that”

 “What? He has been planning what? You are gonna tell me please”

“You know Justin. He is going to kill me if I even said a single word”

“But that’s wrong!” I was angry.

He never called me, he never tried to contact me, he didn’t even care. Now he is trying to do something, suddenly to show he cares, something of a surprise maybe. I don’t give a damn about The Surprise. What is he trying to show? If something like this happens …something of a surprise I am sure the first thing I am gonna do is slap him and then punch him on the face and do whatever I learnt in my Karate class cause I Hate him how can someone be so busy that he forgot to give his Girlfriend a call! Yeah if he still consider me as his Girlfriend.

I walked back to my room I changed my clothes into my comfy pants and t-shirt then after in a few seconds I was asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night totally scared I had a nightmare it was very scary. I remember the whole nightmare. Justin was there coming in with his new Girlfriend I was standing there totally shocked and then  he came to me and said “SURPRISE!” and then in front of me. He kissed his new girlfriend. No!, that’s never gonna happen. Relax Alex. Breathe in Breathe out.

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