It was finally 6’o clock and Brian arrived. They went to Serianna’s favorite coffee shop and everything happened as Brian planned, they ordered coffee and talked. They told each other how they had been feeling and they cleared all the misunderstandings and finally had a great time together. They laughed and chatted for some hours. Everything seemed to be alright. They decided to keep thing like this and to be just friends. Brian then dropped Serianna back home.

Serianna smiled and entered her house. She was heading back to her room when she heard Justin’s voice.

“Here you are!” Justin said.

“Dad?” Serianna looked around.

“Where were you? Who was that guy?” Justin asked.

Justin came home 3 hours ago from Las Vegas. He was looking for Serianna all over the house and then he saw a guy dropping her off. He was worried, every dad would be!

“It’s none of your business! You are not going to monitor every single person I talk to, so don’t even try!”

“I was just...”Justin tried to explain.

Serianna interrupted “I hate being here! Don’t you get that? And I hate you too!”

She stared at him, daring him to contradict her. Hoping he’d try, so she could say it again. But her dad said nothing, as usual. In a fury, she crossed the room toward her left, grabbed the picture of her with a certificate – the one with her dad beside her – and hurled it across the room. Though he flinched at the sound of breaking glass, he remained quiet.

Justin was paralyzed for a moment. He remembered all those days when Serianna shouted at him that she has got the worst dad in the whole world and all those times when he used to explain Serianna that he loves her a lot but Serianna use to just give him a look and reply  “I hate you". Justin’s eyes became watery. He was about to cry when he felt a hand over his shoulders.

“Are you okay Justin?” Aunt Veniz asked.

“Yeah. Serianna...” Justin said wiping the tears off his face.

“I know. I just saw that.”

Serianna went into her room. She quickly changed her clothes. She was confused. There was a moment, just a moment, when she cringed at what she said to him but her regret vanished as quickly as it had come.

She saw The Flashback on her table. Whenever she sees it, a thousand questions arise. Why didn’t Justin ever talk about Alex? What happened? She needed the answers to those questions. Whenever she thought about Alex, it made her sick, thinking about what could've happened. Did she leave them? This question might have an answer. She started thinking:  maybe Alex cheated on Justin with another guy and left her here, that’s why Justin doesn’t talk about Alex. Justin doesn’t like Alex. But Serianna still wasn’t sure. But, if this was the truth, she would never see Alex’s face she promised.

She went downstairs. Walked to the kitchen and saw Justin at the dining table with Aunt Veniz. She sat beside Justin. Justin gave her a smile.

“Where’s Maria?” Justin asked

“She is never here.” Serianna gave a stern reply.

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know”


Serianna stood up to get some water. She finished her meal and she walked out of the kitchen. She went back into her room, flipped on the light. Then she realized she had forgotten her phone in the kitchen.

As she was about to enter she stopped. Justin was talking about her.

“ I love Serianna." Justin said. Aunt Veniz nodded.

‘Liar!’ Serianna said to herself. She picked up her phone, as soon as she left she heard Justin talking again. She hid behind the kitchen door to hear the conversation.

“Sharon listen” Justin said.


 Justin looked behind to see where the voice came from and found Serianna staring.

“Sharon?” Serianna repeated.

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