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I woke up in the hospital with a nurse by my side.

"Oh, you are awake! I'll call the doctor" The nurse said and ran out of the room.

Soon Ab and the other doctors came. Ab had this disappointing look on her face that frightened me a great deal.

"Is the child okay?" I asked Ab in a low voice as I could still feel the effects of the medicines they might have given.

"Yes, but you are not." She replied quietly

I attempted to get my hand to my stomach, but in vain, my hand was covered with a large white plaster.

"Two airline fractures." She continued

Suddenly the door opened and Pattie and Sharon rushed in.

"Are you all right darling?" Pattie spoke in a worried voice

Sharon was talking on the phone, probably to my parents I heard her saying that Alex is okay and baby is fine too.

Then after some time Justin came in, the look on his face was like he just killed somebody.

He went to Ab straight and started talking to her. I was like excuse me? Justin I just experienced an accident.

I could hear them talking even though Ab tried to speak in whispers.

"Two accidents in a row. It's not more than a miracle that the baby is alive. You need to take care of her." She told him.

"I know. I'll take care of everything from now on." He said. Ab just nodded.

Finally he came to me.

"Feeling okay?" He asked

"Yeah I am better"

"You will be discharged within an hour."

I nodded.

Sharon came and said "Alex's stuff has been transported to your house." He nodded.

"What? Why? I am staying with Sharon." I interrupted.

"No you are not." He said.

"I'll leave you two alone and Pattie needs my help she is making your favorite food." Sharon said and got up and left the room. Ab left too.

"Justin you know it the day I start earning and become self-independent which will be within a month, I'll come live with you."

"I know but I don't trust you anymore. Two accidents! How careless can you be?"

"Hey everything is fine and it wasn't my fault."

"Yeah Sharon told you to change the slippers but you didn't right?"

There was a moment of silence

"So you mean I am careless and I can't take care of my own baby?"

"Yes and not only the baby, but you can't take care of yourself either"

"You are being too rude right now"

"You are coming with me right now and that's final"

"I will not."

After an hour I changed my clothes from the hospital gown to my track pants and a t-shirt which required Sharon's help me as I couldn't do it myself due to the fracture. In a few moments I was sitting in Justin's car to go to Justin's house because every single person was on Justin's side and I myself thought that he was right. I was being careless. When we reached his house my things had already been placed in Justin's room. I was so tired that I went and slept as soon as I entered the room.

Justin woke me up after few hours for lunch. Pattie had made lasagne for me. I went downstairs to the kitchen. I saw Sharon sitting on the dining table. As we all settled down, Pattie said "James if a boy and Roselyn if a girl."

"No mom! I've already decided the names." Justin said.

"No Way! Veronica if a girl and Jack if a boy." Sharon said. Then soon all of them started arguing.


"OURS!" Justin corrected me.

"Yeah whatever"


"Eat your food Justin! Nobody wants to talk to you! Boooo" I said so seriously that everyone started laughing including Justin.

"Boo?" Sharon laughed.

After the lunch I went upstairs to fill some job applications. Justin came in with a marker.

"What?" I asked.

He came and sat next to me. He gently brought my plastered arm in front so that he could write things. He removed the cap of the marker and wrote 'I love you' and 'Thanks for Everything'

"I love you more" I said.

He moved closer and kissed me.

"Is that all you want to write?"

"nah." He started writing again 'I want to spend my whole life with you' 'You are damn hot' 'Justin is the best' I smiled. He kept on writing.

"Don't you have to go to the studio today?" I asked

"No I cancelled all my plans."



"I love you"

"I Know"

"Damn. I am a mess right?"

"Listen girl. I love you. I don't care if you're a mess, all I care about is that you are one of the best people I've ever known and I am glad that I am going to marry you. I know our relationship hasn't been a bed of roses till now but I want to spend every second of my life with you. I don't care how complicated it gets, I still want you"

"Hug me"

He picked me up from the bed as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"You know when I am the happiest?" I whispered in his ear.


"When I am in your arms" He kissed me on the cheek.

"I've missed this." He said and hugged me tighter

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