Chapter 36

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" She's right Demetri. You can't tell everyone she's one of the ones in charge then cut her out of the loop on everything." Jake said coming to my defense.

" I'm in charge here. I have every right to keep it from her if I so choose. Now get out before I do something stupid." He finally started to lose his temper. We left but we were all mad now. How could he keep this from me? More importantly what in the world is wrong with him?

" Demetri has changed by a lot he use to be fair and just. He use to care about his soldiers but the things he said....." Mike trailed of into his thoughts.

" I can't believe he told me to shut up because I am a girl." Ashley said

" The stress must be getting to him. He wasn't like this when we were and Marcus's house." Jake stated.

" Still not only did he insult me and Katie but he sat there and insulted the whole guard." She was getting angrier by the minute. She was right he tore down his second who was in the room. After that he went on and called the guards worthless idiots and blamed us all for the deaths. That's putting it nicely too.

" I know." Jake sighed. The rest of the walk was quiet or would of been if John hadn't ran up to us.

" Katie my girl" Mike heard him and automatically took up a defensive position so if John got to close Mike could strike him down. John saw this and paused. I stepped around Mike out of his reach and walked to John.

" Sorry about him John. He doesn't know my friends yet." I looked at Mike who was looking flabberghasted by my statement.

" No problem Katie. We all know guards are just overprotective men who are paid for it." We laughed. Ashley stomped her foot and took off. We stared after her before busting out into more laughter. " Katie, Marcus is looking for you by the way." I looked up at him.

" Really? Where is he?"

" Well considering diner is over and you never showed up he probably is banging on your wall or the training area." I took off towards my room first and heard three sets off foot steps behind me. We reached my hall to see Marcus just about to knock on the wall. Seeing him the sexual tension automatically spiked.

" There you are Marcus." Mike called out giving me a strange look.

" Micheal I'm guessing you asked her." Mike nodded. " What did she say?"

" She said 'Come on before i change my mind.'" Mike tried mimicking me but he sounded like a dying mouse.

" I don't sound like that." I punched his arm but he just grinned at me.

" I don't know it was pretty close." i turned around to see Anthony walking up to us. I crossed my arms and huffed.

" Stupid boys." I grumbled.

" Good thing I'm not a boy then." John said wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I sent him a glare.

" John your right your no boy. Katie here is more boy then you." Jake said. He saw the looks he was getting and turned bright red. " That's not what I meant Katie!" I stomped past Marcus and went in my room and closed the door behind me before anyone could get in. They started banging on my door and called my name. I walked up stairs and blasted the TV so I couldn't hear them.


I turned the music off after an hour and when I didn't hear anything I opened up the wall. When I saw the ghost as clear I stepped into the hall. The moment I did something hit me. It wasn't physical it was sexual. All of a sudden I had to have it. i needed it or I was going o die. I was starting to feel unimaginable pain and I knew only sex would cure it. The more I ran the stronger the feeling and pain. I don't know where I was running to or even where I was at.

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