The flames engulfed me. I could hear people screaming for others. I started to dance the flames to let people who were trapped free. The flames bent to my will and the stronger I glowed the weaker the fire became as if not daring to compete with me.

"Katie!" I heard voices calling for me and opened up passages leading to me. Jake, John and Ashley ran to me waving their arms. "Shut the passage Katie!" Jake screamed at soon as they entered my circle I closed it.

"What happened?" I said the same time Ashley and John hugged me causing me to lose control for a second.

" Guys get off her or we may die." They listened but I could see the tears of relief.

"Jake why aren't you helping get people out? What happened?"

" I can't control them they refuse to bend to me I'm surprised your doing it and we are under attack." He faced John. " Is there anyone left in the fire?"

"Only our attackers and the dead." John said after a moment.

"How do you know?" I asked still concentrating.

" I can see people when I think about them and I can see auras."

" Oh." I felt stupid for not asking what he was before.

" Yea well if your able to it'd be a good idea to get out of here all our people are with either Marcus in another clearing or the house." I nodded and opened a path. I was starting to sweat from the heat of the flames. 

"Wait!' Ashley called.


"You need strength come here." I took an uncertain step towards her. " Don't be scared Katie it'll only hurt for a second. Jake you'll take care of me right?" 

"Of course." He spoke worried but determined. She opened her mouth and for the first time I got to see her white fangs. She bite her wrist so there was blood slowly poring out. She held out her other hand and I gave her mine unsure. Before I could blink she bit my wrist then slammed our wrists together.

" Power of blood flows from one to another. Ashley to Katelyn." As soon as she finished I felt a rush of strength and  power. Ashley collapsed but Jake caught her before she fell to the floor. John walked up next to me. 

" Katie we need to go." He spoke urgently to me but the power rush was so much I barely registered it.

" I have an idea." Before they can respond I pulled the fire lower. Everyone still in the fire turned towards us. I smiled and weaved my hands towards them the flames pulled away forming a circle when they started to run towards us I closed the circle right in front of us. "If Jake can't control it then they should have trouble controlling it to so they should in theory be trapped there until the others come. Jake take her to they others and send the rest here. John you can stay or go."

"I'd never leave you Katie." He said in awe and tenderly. I just smiled and watched the flames.  " Katie how are you doing?" He sounded nervous. I frowned and he sighed in relief.

"I'm fine. Why?"

" Like i said I can see auras and yours was getting darker." He looked embarrassed.

" Why would it go darker?"

" Normally it's from people who are corrupt with power or hate." 

" Well then I'm not sure...." Was I getting corrupted by power? 

" Don't worry about it it's gone now." I nodded but couldn't shake the questions running through my head. " What are you planning to do when the others get here?"

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