I looked up at him, How could he know how I was feeling? Does he really know me that well? As I was staring at him I noticed a flash of emotion cross his face. He turned around to go confusing me until I realized I hadn't answer. The stupid boy thought I was rejecting him I'd of laughed if I didn't think it'd hurt him more. I grabbed his wrist to stop him but he shook me off.

"I don't want you pity Katie."

"Marcus I pity no man. You know that definitely not one who has a date tonight." He turned around shocked and just stared at me. "Well where are we going or you keeping it from me?" He ran up to me and hugged me.

"Thank you Katie." 

"Don't thank me I was going to say yes when you so rudely tried to leave me here." I tried sounding angry but couldn't help the smile on my face. He pulled away from me with happy tears.

"I.... I thought..."

"I know what you thought now you still haven't answered me."

"Oh right.... just go shower I'll pull something out for you." I glared at him and he grinned." I won't go through your underwear Katie. I like seeing you show me better." He took off before I could respond. What did I get myself into?

I used the bathroom attached to my room and took a warm shower. Walking into my room with nothing but a towel I noticed Marcus sitting on my bed with my door closed. "I wanted to make sure you hurried."

"You know I will Marcus."

"I know but it was the best excuse I could think of to be in here." He gave me a sheepish smile I grabbed the clothes he set out and grabbed a pair of underwear and bra then walked in the bathroom. I could hear him laughing threw the door.When I looked at the clothes I noticed tags on them. Must be something Trevor put in for me.

I slide the skirt and top on and felt more confused. It was a short black top and brown skirt. The top had spaghetti straps.The skirt was almost see through and hand a dark brown belt around the waist. I quickly blow dried my hair so it was wavy and felt my face natural.

I slowly walked out the bathroom to see Marcus ready to go and staring at the ceiling. I walked to my closet to grab a pair of knee high black boots that had ruffle at the top. I turned around to face Marcus who was staring at me like he might take me then and there. I coughed making him look at my face and not my legs.

"So?" He smiled and walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around me bent down and gave me a quick peck.

"You look beautiful like always."

"I think you just want sex."

"I wouldn't say no but that's not something I want right now." Looking into his eyes I couldn't stop myself from believing him.

"So am I aloud to know where we are going yet?"

"Nope." i batted my eyelashes and put the best pout face I could manage.

"Please Marcus...." I could see him start to crumble.


"You don't sound so sure." I stepped closer and slowly ran my finger down his chest stopping at his belt.

"Will you stop Katie?" he sounded shaky.

"Will you tell me?" He groaned grabbed my had and pulled me towards the garage. 

"I'm driving."

"Well of course I don't know where we are going." We walked up to my car and I noticed it didn't have a scratch on it. " Thought it'd be destroyed."

"It was but you forget I was a mechanic for a time I fixed it up when I wasn't allowed to see you."


"Yea Damon would cry if he found out his 'baby' was destroyed." We laughed remembering his outburst from what seemed like forever ago. We talked the rest of the way to the point I didn't realize we stopped til he opened his door. I looked out the window to see we were at a nightclub. Marcus opened the door. "Remember you saying you never been, but if you don't like it I have a back up plan." I flung myself at him.

"I love it Marcus."

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