I had forgot to sneak through the back since I was running late which I highly regretted. Mom was standing in front of the door waiting for me and the moment I saw her I knew I was in trouble.

"Get your ugly stupid self in the living room now." She didn't yell but I wish she had cause that cold voice of hers would scare anyone. I didn't argue it would of been point less so I just walked into our living room. My family is rich and when I say rich I mean we could buy NASA and MGM and still be considered rich. My mom is a model and my dad is a music scout and manager. You'd think that'd mean my life was perfect but you'd be wrong. I sat down on the floor since I wasn't aloud on the couch and waited as mom got situated on the silk couch, yes I said silk. 

"Now you worthless piece of crud. Why are you late?"

"I had detention."

"That's no excuse."

"But.." She raised her hand and slapped me.

"Don't you dare talk back to me! Go do your chores and cook me and your father dinner then go to your room if you eat anything you will sleep outside. Are we clear?"

"Yes Mame." 

"Good off with you then." I got up and got my cleaning stuff.


Eight hours later I was done. I had cleaned Three living rooms, two kitchens, four bedrooms nine baths, and all the extra rooms. Just a normal day I wouldn't of been so long but Dad didn't like what I cooked and Mom kept coming behind me to destroy the house over and over. I was exhausted and I still had my English essay to do. I was almost done when there was a knock on my window. I looked up and didn't see anyone. God, I must be going crazy my house is three stories and I'm in the attic how is anyone appose to be able to get up here? I went back to my paper when I heard it again. This time I got up and opened my window to be pushed to the ground.

"I'm sorry Katie! I didn't think you'd just fling it open like that." I noticed that voice and sighed while I stared at my best friend.

"What are you doing here?" I looked at my window. "How are you here, Marcus?"

"I knew the wicked witch threw you in here so I came to save you from starvation." He smiled like it was the best idea in the world. I ran to my window and looked out and as if he was reading my mind. " No one saw me I'm a ninja." I scoffed.

"Marcus your not a ninja. You couldn't even sneak out of the lunch room without tripping and falling in the trash can last week." He mocked scolded at me.

"Why I never, I come to save the day and don't even get a thank you just insults." He turned to leave and a grabbed his arm.

"Your right, thanks for coming Marcus. Oh I have something to tell you." 

"Really do tell. Wait lets eat while you tell." He pulled his bag off and pulled out containers of food out while I told him what happened with Damon.

"That is weird, I want you to call right before you get in the car and leave your phone on til I met you in our normal spot." He looked serious and I was just confused about this request of his.

"Why would I do that Marcus?" He sighed like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Cause your my best friend Katie and if something happens I want to be able to call the police as soon as possible. You don't know this guy. Don't you remember what happened to the girl on the news who got in a car with some guy?" How could I forget not much happens around here so when her body was discovered things were crazy. So I nodded and agreed. He left not long after that and as soon as I finished my paper I crashed.


"Katie... Katie..." There was fog every where I looked. The voice kept calling me and I couldn't shake the feeling I know this person. "Katie .... Katie ......"

"Who are you?" The only answer I got was the repeat of my name never getting louder never getting softer. Something touched my arm and I jumped, but nothing was there. I changed course and kept walking search but for what?

The fog finally cleared but when I looked in font of me I couldn't breathe. A woman I never seen before stood there in a white flowing dress blonde hair swaying. She had bright emerald eyes.

"Hello child." Her voice was like music and I could't help but come closer.

"Who... Who are you?" I stammered.

" It's not time my child." I was about to protest but she shushed me." I come to warn you my daughter. You must listen carefully." I nodded." Things will be soon changing you must not follow a dark path. Do not listen to others deceit you know the truth." I stared at her ad she stared fading and the fog engulfed me again I took a step forward to start free falling.


I woke up in a cold sweat. That was one weird dream I thought. I looked at the clock to see I was running late. I ran to my closet and threw a pair of dark skinny jeans on a low cut purple top and a black leather jacket on. I grabbed my black ballerina flats and ran down stairs to the kitchen.

"Where is my food?" Dad said in a gruff voice.

"Making it!" I called as I ran into the kitchen.

"Hurry it up you filth."

"Yes Father" I made eggs pancakes bacon and sauge with some cranberry juice on the side. " Here you go." He gave a nod to say it'll do as I went back and grabbed chopped fruit, yogurt,toast and orange  juice for mom. "Where is mother?"

"Upstairs sleeping." Shit I forgot to wake her! I ran back up to the third floor. "Mom! Wake up!"

"I'm up you stupid girl! Are you blind?"

"No mother." I stopped shaking her and backed up. "Your food is ready. Will you like me to bring it up?"

"I don't understand why you don't have it now." I bolted back to the kitchen to grab her food when the doorbell rang. Double shit! I flung the door open to a smirking Damon before he could say anything I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the waiting room." Your early!"

"Well I realized since your a girl you'd be late other wise." I scoffed.

"Just wait her I should be done in a second. Don't leave." I ran out before he could reply. Back in moms bedroom I handed her her food and she motioned to the door dismissing me. I grabbed my bag and reached the waiting room to see it was empty. Groaning I walked outside to see his car was empty also frowning I turned around to run into a hard chest.

"You ready?" I smiled and nodded taking a step back. "So why were you running around like a chicken with no head?"

"I don't like being late." I decided to not tell him the real reason I don't want pity. I hate pity.

"OK." He drew out the two letters then headed to his car.

 (Picture of Marcus)

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