We were at the shopping center and Ashley ended up taking the lead on this trip. 

"I thought this whole thing was to help Katie, Jess," Lucas said.

"I am helping."

"How is it helping her when your taking charge?" He seemed confused and when I thought about it he was right it didn't make any sense.

"You want to take charge."


"So where to Lucas?" She smiled knowingly.

"I..... Fine Ashley."

"Come on then to Mica we go."

"Wait! No way are we going there!" Jake exclaimed as the rest of us had our mouths dropped in horror. Don't get me wrong make up here and there is ok but I still don't like it and knowing Ashley we would be there forever.

"Yes we are." Ashley said.

"No Ashley."

"Pleeeasssse Jake." She pouted he lips and fluttered her eyes at him but before he caved John jumped in.

"Ashley how about you go and the rest of us will go into Best Buy and get things for the house. Then we can meet you at the food court." He sounded reasonable but she was having none of it.

"And split up?" She shook her head like that was the worse idea ever."No."

"Well I'm with the boys on this one Ashley." I stated as she glared at me.

"Whatever happened to girl power Katie?"I just shrugged.

"Best Buy sounds great John."I snaked my arm in his and grabbed Jake with my other. "Coming Lucas?" He nodded happily. "Ashley?" She grumbled something under her breathe and pushed past us towards Best Buy. "I guess so." It wasn't long til the next argument broke out unfortunately. 

"Why can't I get it?" Ashley demanded.

"Because there are only two girls."Jake got a glare from us at the word girl but continued."and Katie even thinks it's not a good game so you'd be the only one playing it."

"It is a game on animals.Who hates ponies?" Jake sighed.

"No one but no MAN wants to play Petz either." John and Lucas laughed. So I decided to step in.

"Jake just let her we had decided we each got to pick a game. We didn't say we had to share." I said mischievously causing John to sputter for a minute.

"You.... Your... Your not sharing Katie?" He looked so upset that I couldn't help the laugh nor my response.

"Nope." I replied popping the 'p'.  

"But... but if I knew that then I'd got the same game." 

"You could always go back John." Lucas said but I shook my head and smiled like the devil his self causing John's new smile to falter.

"No he can't I got the last one." I grinned.

"P...Pleeeeasssse Katie." He pouted and fluttered his eye lashes at me like Ashley did to Jake earlier. Luckily I'm stronger then Jake.

"Sorry John I'm no Jake." I laughed like a hyena and ran for my life with John and Jake on my heels. John to get the game and Jake to get pay back. I slid to the front counterand handed the lady my game and cash. "If you hurry you can keep the change." She looked at the hundred and hurried.

"Your game was $46.78 but I guess you don't need to know that." She said handing me the game in a bag as the buys grabbed for me. I ducked causing them to collide and sprinted for the door. Looking back I laughed at the sight of the doe eyed lady staring at them holding eachother on the floor. I pulled my camera phone out and took a pic with the lady cut out so it looked like they were cuddling and sent it to my email. I ran out laughing.


"He really did that." She said pointing at the healing bruise Marcus gave me. I nodded. Earlier I got to the car and John grabbed on the bruise that I had hidden under some bracelets. He flipped out thinking it was from him until Lucas pointed out it was already starting to heal so it couldn't of been. After a few seconds of them demanding me to tell Jake came up and told them to back off. I started to feel guilty on our car ride and told them John and Ashley looked ready to kill. "That ass hole! Is this why you were so upset when I asked why he wasn't coming?" I nodded and she cursed under her breathe.

"He wants a dual. I'll give him a dual." John said in the back. 

"Yea with so little training you probably don't even have to break a sweat." I stiffed at Lucas's words but Jake must of saw it from the drivers rearview mirror.

"Katie what's wrong?" He said cautiously.

"I'm not appose to tell you."

"Katie what are you hiding?" Jake demanded.

"All I can say is John make need to work a little harder then he thinks if he is really planning on dueling." I looked past Lucas's shocked face at the forest. Everyone was so quiet I jumped at John's hand touching mine.

"Sorry..." I looked up at his hurt face confused. Shrugging it off I smiled and squeezed his hand making him give he a smile that would have made other girls swoon at him. 

"How much longer til we get back Jake?"

"An hour or so why?" as if to reply I yawned and then gave him a sheepish smile through the mirror causing him to laugh. John snaked his arm around me and pulled me closer to him and I laid my head on his chest. I looked up at him with a questioning look.

"Sleep Katie it's ok I won't hurt you. Even if I tried Ashley and Jake would kill me before I even succeeded." He gave me an encouraging smile.

"Hey! What of me?!" Lucas exclaimed.

"I have no fear of you brother." Lucas scoffed.

"You are not my brother, only my friend." I smiled and fell asleep knowing I was safe for now.


I slowly started to wake to voices. "John you are a fool." A voice sounding like Jake said.

"So I thought to but maybe...... maybe I have a chance after what happened."

"John, my brother , my friend I say this for fear for you and her. One or both of you will get hurt if you continue this."

"Jake, I love her. I know your right but what if your not I have to try."

"No you do not. If you really believe this is love and care for her then wait for proof that I am wrong please for her sake."

" I will consider this." Silence fell and I went to get up. Unlucky for me I hadn't been paying attention to my surroundings and I started to fall with a yelp. Luckily Jake caught my upper body so only my butt hurt.

"Are you ok Katie?!" They both yelled. They were looking me over for wounds and I let them.

"What are you two doing to my girl!" Marcus's voice was enraged and my eyes widened at his coming figure. I then glanced at the men Jake had my shirt lifted at my back making sure he left no marks and John was sitting in between my legs searching for bruises using his hands on my thigh. It didn't take long for me to realize what he thought. John stood up reaching for his gun while Jake pulled me to my feet.

" Marcus calm down it's not what you think?" I spoke calmer then I felt.

"Don't tell me to calm down Katie first you sleep with Jake and now a fucking threesome in the hall Katie!" My eyes furrowed and I took a step next to John. 

"Do you really think me some slutty whore Marcus?! How dare you insult me like this! Marcus meet me   at the field tonight and bring your sword we are dueling til the other cries for mercy." I turned around and stormed towards my room leaving them all staring at me wide eyed. I know i went all medieval on his butt but I don't know what else to do any more. Marcus has seriously pushed me to the edge.

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