( This is the first love story I have ever written in my whole life so I hope you enjoy =>)

   "Come on any minute now...."

  " Geesh Katie calm down. You know he'll be running late there's no point in trying to rush time. Your not god." I knew Marcus was right but I couldn't help but be excited to see my boyfriend. His name is Kyle and I don't love him but I'm trying to. I've been dating Kyle for a few months and I know it's crazy but he is my first boyfriend ever. He is also the first I ever kissed. Ring! Ring! Finally!

  I ran out the door before anyone was able to even grab their bag and turned the corner to be stopped in my tracks.

" Katie whats wrong?" Marcus said coming up behind me. He must of saw because he past me straight to the sight in front of me. I couldn't believe my eyes I know there were rumours but I just thought that's what they were. I guess I owe Jessica an apology because low and behold there's my boyfriend with his hand down  Miss Things skirt. I knew it was stupid of me to date the quarterback but I never thought he'd do this I thought he might actually love me. A cracking noise broke my concentration and when I looked Marcus was holding his hand and Kyle was holding his bleeding nose. I smirked knowing I at least had one good guy in my life.

"HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON KATIE!" Kyle just stared at him like Marcus lost his marbles but it was his next words that made me walk up to him.

"Dude, Marcus, calm down it wasn't like we were serious she wouldn't even have sex with me man and we've been dating for three months." Marcus was shaking so hard he looked like he was going to explode so I stepped in between them and faced Kyle.

" Kyle, if you haven't figured it out we are over." I said in my calmest voice then I turned to little miss thing. " And by the way I wouldn't have sex with him because he told me he had AIDS and Crabs."  I gave her my best smile.She looked at Kyle in horror and ran off. Stupid blonde whore. 

"Why ....." Kyle started but I cut him off with a swift knee to his "areas" then I looped my arm in Marcus's and walked to my next class.


School took forever. Don't get me wrong normally I love it but all day all I heard was Kyle this and Katie that and OMG another thing. After awhile it gets annoying so you can imagine my relief when I reached the empty parking lot.You may be wondering why it was empty and I'll tell you one word. Detention. Stupid Kyle snitched on us so we sat in silence for an hour in the principle's office for our detention. Marcus got picked up by his foster mom as soon as our time was up. I always loved that woman she was so sweet. I was thinking of how great it'll be single again when a car slid into the parking lot.

Trying to ignore the strange car I walked across the parking lot when my phone started buzzing. Looking at the screen I smiled and read the text.

TO Katie 

FROM Jessica

 I'm so sorry... I heard what happened! I can't believe that douche said that!

TO Jessica

FROM Katie

Don't be sorry I should of believed you. Your are one of my best friends.

TO Katie 

FROM Jessica 

LOL Sweety you only have two friends its not hard to be ONE of your best friends

I was smiling, happy she didn't hate me when a hand yanked my shoulder and a car whizzed by. I just stared shocked that I almost got hit when a voice interrupted my panics.

" You should be more careful. I wouldn't of saw you then I might never of had the chance." I could tell he was smiling but I didn't know what he meant by that last part. So I turned around to ask when I was shell shocked again but this time by his beauty. I swear at this rate I'll have brain damage by tomorrow.    I knew I should thank him but as I stared I couldn't form the words. He had the blackest hair I've ever seen and he was muscular but some how remained slender, but none of that compared to his chocolate swirled eyes. He had the cutest smirk on and I didn't understand why until I realized I still haven't answered him. I looked down at the ground and let my hair cover my face so he wouldn't see me blush as I answered.

"UH.... Thanks for saving me." Way to go, how lame I must sound to this guy. I was chiding myself when he interrupted my thoughts.

" Well I wasn't going to watch you get run over."

"I guess not... well I should go..."  I was turning to leave when he grabbed my elbow.

"Wait whats your name?"

"Katelyn but you can call me Katie." 

"Well Katie let me give you a ride. I wouldn't want you to get run over after I just saved you."

" I.... I don't know..."

"Well I do come on now." He grabbed my hand and pulled me until we reached his car and I slid in the passenger seat. " I'm Damon by the way." The car ride home was quiet except the few times I pointed to give him directions. When we parked he was frowning and he looked at me. "Were you really going to walk all that way?"

"Yea" I said it quietly cause I knew what he was thinking. He was wondering why a seventeen year old girl would walk three miles to her house with no transportation.

"Well that explains why your so skinny." I was a little taken aback by this comment and didn't know what to say thankfully he obviously didn't expect me to say anything." Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow when I pick you up then." I gave him a questioning look. " I'll pick you up at 6:30 in the morning that should give you plenty of time for us to get to school right?" I nodded stunned and opened the door and slowly walked to my house.

 (Picture of Katie)

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