" Katie if you do not open this door now so I can murder him!" I heard Marcus yell and debated if it was a good idea to do as he said.

" Anthony get in the bathroom and lock it til I tell you otherwise." i said going down the little hall to open the door. I waited for the bathroom door to shut before I pressed the button revealing a very shocked Ashley and a very angry Marcus. I stood there and waited trying to decide whether to go to him or not.

" Marcus calm down." Jake said over my shoulder. Marcus gave him a cold look.

" You are appose to protect her not show her off to other men!" I jumped back from the harshness in his voice and even Ashley moved away from him.

" Marcus it was an accident. None of us obviously thought about it." I said trying to be reasonable. His eyes flashed and he was shaking with rage.

" I don't like other men seeing you Katie." He practically hissed. I stepped closer to him and buried my head in my chest.

" Neither do I Marcus." I could feel his shaking slow as he calmed down."But it was an accident. Please calm down." I whispered and he wrapped one arm around my waist and stroked my hair with the other.

" Ok Katie but don't let it happen again I might not be able to calm down next time." I smiled and raised my head to look at him. He was looking down at me with concern. Standing on tip toes I kissed him then nodded.

" Lets go let him out the bathroom then." I grabbed Marcus's hand and pulled him to my room. When we reached the bedroom John and Anthony were hooking up a PS3 to my TV. " Aren't you appose to be in my bathroom?"

" Like you'd let him kill me." Anthony laughed and continued with what he was doing.

"Good thing you got a four player game Katie." John said excitedly but being me I had to ruin it.

" I know now we can have two teams of two and Marcus can help my team cheat."

" Don't you mean three teams of two?" Jake asked.

" No John isn't allowed to play remember?" 

"What?! You meant that!" John yelled with his mouth hanging open. Everyone just laughed and ignored him.

" Ok John I guess you can be on Marcus's team." 

" Wait whose team are you on then?" Ashley asked.

" Yours." I said shyly. I know Ashley is good and would be a good partner for me I've seen her play at the other house.

" So then I get Anthony? That's BS Katie." Jake said making Anthony argue with him because he is awesome at video games apparently.

" What's your real plan Katie?" Ashley whispered.

"Marcus sucks and these games so John will have to cover him making an easier target and there's one win for us." I whispered back.

" And the other team?"

" Jake is demanding and competitive which will mean if Anthony sucks they will make mistakes."

"What if he is good?"

" Then they will be a bigger challenge but if we force them together they will argue they aren't a good team."

" You little devil you." She said smiling. 

" Girls you ready?" We nodded at Jake. " Then lets start the game."


So my plan worked and all they boys have sore egos now. I was right though and Anthony did suck  but Jake got smart and made him be the distraction to draw us to him then he'd shoot us. That didn't work for long though because then I would draw Anthony to a spot I wouldn't get shot distracting Jake while Ashley got him and I'd kill Anthony.

" How did we lose Call of Duty to a pair of girls?" John asked no one in particular.

" Girl power." I chirped.

" I think you planned the whole thing out before hand." I shrugged and left him gawking at me.

" She was a genius and all of underestimated her intelligence." Ashley whispered to him. The other three were arguing over whether Halo was better then Call of Duty or not so they haven't heard a word we said. I covered my mouth letting out a yawn and everyone turned to look at me then the clock.

" Come on sweety." Marcus said rushing to my side. I just nodded my head and let him drag me to bed. I felt my bed dip as the others climbed in then crashed.


I was on a beach. the sand was pure black and the waves were crashing along the rocks. I was a light coming towards me to see it was Freya. See was walking bare foot on the water and her dress was flowing like waves of there own around her. She stopped in front of me.

" My daughter I am sad for what you will discover soon but it must be so. Remember what I have told you before it will be needed. You must trust Damon for he has the answers you seek but not til it's time my child. You must follow your gut for somethings are false. You must discover the truth, but beware not to hate. Hatred is corruption and will destroy the purest souls so tread lightly around it." 

" Mother.... I don't understand." For the first time I spoke to her on my own and she smiled.

" It is nice to know you have found your voice but I can not tell you more it will cause you harm." She touched my cheek and faded away. I waited for the fall but it never came so I sat on the beach and stared across the ocean. All of a sudden it went black and I couldn't see anything around me.

" He will lose you. One kiss is all it takes and you will be mine forever. Just one willing kiss." A familiar voice drifted to me but I couldn't place who it was. 


I woke up screaming. People were yelling at me but I couldn't hear them. Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around me and I calmed down. When I looked at the owner of the pair of arms I was greeted with concerned deep blue eyes. I buried my head in his chest and let him hold me. 

" Katie what happened? Are you ok?" I heard everyone asking me. I finally pulled my head out of Marcus's chest feeling better and looked at everyone.

"I'm fine it was just a bad dream. Can we go back to bed now?" They all looked at me like I was crazy but I didn't care. I just laid back down and pulled Marcus with me. This time I had a dreamless sleep.

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