I told them everything that I learned about myself. They just stared at me like I grew wings. 

" I knew you were special Katie but seriously you outreached all of our expectations over and over again." John said.

" Well hold on to that thought because on our way I think we discovered a solution to your problem."  They all wanted to hear what I had to say." My parents died."

" I'm sorry?" They all said almost at the same time. I laughed at them.

" No that's the solution they died so I own their house now cause they never made a will." 

" Oh...." Ashley said breaking the other two silence.

"When can we go?" Jake asked making Ashley hit him.

" How about we find them a tent?" I pointed at our guests." And someone point me to Damon and we get sleep and start packing up to go tomorrow?" They nodded.

" You two are still not allowed to sleep together." Ashley pointed her finger at me.

"Fine now will you let me see him?'

"Someone s already tired of us." Jake said pouting.

"Me?Never!" I fake gasped. " You guys just aren't my type." I grabbed Ashley's hand and we walked off.'

"Katie?!" Mike and Anthony shouted running up to me. Soon everyone was coming out of there tents to thank me and tell me that is was good to see me. Finally we reached  Damon's tent. I opened it up cautiously leaving everyone outside. 

"Damon?" I didn't see him. I grabbed the hunting knife I saw on the table. 

" Katie?" I swirled around to see Damon walking in. I dropped the knife and threw myself at him. He caught me and stroked my hair. "How did you....." I cut him off with my lips on his. I reached up and wrapped my hand in his hair. He pushed his self against me and lifted me up. He was gently with me though. I broke our kiss and smiled at him.

" I missed you." I said softly.

"I missed you to." I smiled at him

" I love you Marcus."

" I love you to Katie. Come on Micheal is outside and if this goes further he will tell on us." I laughed thinking about what Ashley would do to us. He pulled me down to his bed and pressed me to him and I fell in a deep sleep. 

I knew when I woke I will be surrounded by people I love. It will be tough for awhile but we will survive and Marcus will probably try to find me but that didn't matter what mattered was the man who slept next to me and the people outside. Freya guide us all.

( That's the end of this story I hope you all enjoyed I don't know if I'll write a sequel or not I'll think on it tell me if you think so. Please comment and vote.)

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