" Come on Mike if your going to be my guard then I'm not going easy on you." I was trying not to be frustrated with him and be understanding but he wanted this I didn't and now he is sitting on the ground and his sword is a good fifteen feet away.

" God Katie you were right. You were not going to go easy on me because of my disease." He said laughing but at least he was getting up.

" You aren't diseased anymore." I pointed out. " Now come on raise your sword." I waited until his sword was raised before I striked but this time he  was ready. He is a quick learner I'll give him that  

" Micheal?" I heard paused footsteps but unlike Mike I was concentrated I swung my sword to the side and knocked his out  of his hand. He ignored it and ran to our interrupter. i spun around mad to lose my partner again to Jake.

" That is it Jake! Get your sword out you want to interrupt me and my partners is one thing. It is another ruining training my new personal guard." His eyes widened at my words.

" Brother, you are up less then a day and already are taking her on? I'm guessing she hasn't told you she is undefeated and she took twenty of us at one time." My eyes widened at the word brother but Mike's eyes widened at the word twenty. I put my hand on my hip.

" Just cause he is your brother doesn't mean you can keep doing this Jake." I turned to Mike. " Go ahead Mike." I went to walk away to give them privacy but he grabbed me and pulled me after him.   " Mike?"

" So Micheal why do you let her call you Mike?" I frowned not understanding Jake's question. He looked at me and continued. " Micheal wouldn't let anyone call him that since our mom died leaving us as orphans." I looked at Mike wondering if he'd answer.

" She reminds me of her Jake." Mike said it so sternly if I wouldn't of been looking at him I would never of seen the tear in his eye. Jake looked at me like he blamed me for his mothers death and I flinched.

" Micheal it was nice seeing you." He turned to leave but I grabbed his arm.

" Jake..... please he is your brother."

" Yea my brother who rather be with a girl he just met then with me." He shook my hold off him.

" Jake she saved my life." Jake stopped where he was. " That's why I pledged myself to her. She cured me." He spun around suspicion written all over his face.

" How?"

" She is a natural healer Jake. They told her they can only teach her about medications." Jake looked at me for confirmation which he must of saw because he ran up to me and hugged me.

" Thank you Katie. I'm sorry I should know by now your a natural fit for everything it seems like." He kissed my forehead and I was to stun to move. " Well except for guns."

"Guns?" I decided to run then. I took off but Mike was faster. I got grabbed around the waist with arms pinned. " Katie I am not letting you out of my sight."

" I am already regretting this decision to make you my guard." I grumbled and they laughed.

" Micheal has always been overprotective. Definitely of people he likes." Jake said.

" Well then why you are here you help him with his sword work and I'll watch." 

" Micheal's having problems with his sword? It must be the end of the world." They walked to the ring. They raised their swords. Jake attacked first and Mike  went into defensive waiting. All of a sudden Micheal struck at Jake's leg. I saw what he was doing before Jake caught on. Jake jumped back as Micheal anticipated. Mike twisted his wrist changing direction of his sword and stopped the tip right below Jake's chin.

"Surrender brother?" Jake dropped his sword in surrender.

"I thought you said he was having problems." He was careful to not get his self stabbed talking to me.

" He is." They both stared at me like I was crazy. " Jake he is my personal guard and there are bigger and things out there. So if he can't handle me who has only been holding a sword for what maybe two months? Then how is he appose to hold his own." I walked into the ring and took my sword out. " Mike protect Jake from me."

Before he could respond  I slammed the hilt of my sword in his chest. He stumbled backwards but managed to not allow me to hit Jake. " Jake don't go easy on her treat her like the enemy. If you get a scratch on her it'd mean you are more worthy to her then anyone else here."

Mike looked shocked and I took his distraction to roll and slammed my hilt into his knee cap. I heard a crack but I was to much into the fight to care. I was behind Jake now. I went to put my sword around his neck for the surrender but Mike ignored his pain enough to get the flat side of his sword against Jake's throat blocking me.

I changed my tactics and using Jake's shoulder I flipped over their heads. Mike tried to get me as soon as I landed but I was already ready for him. I blocked then did a flurry of hits towards him. He missed one of my many attacks but he was exhausted and hurt.

I swung at his good leg and he dodged but he put all his weight on his bad leg doing so. He cried out in pain and fell. As he held his leg i walked past him watching him to be sure there was no more attacks. When I reached Jake I split my focus on them

Jake followed the protocol that I refuse to and tried to run. I took my sword and thrusted it so it pinned his pants to the ground. He tried to pull it out but I was there before he could. I kicked him in the back and he fell forward.

I put my sword against his neck and felt something try to go around mine. I jerked away and felt a slight sting on my neck  but ignored it. MIke was standing behind me. I kicked his bad leg and he went down. "Jake's dead by the way."  He hung his head in defeat. I turned around to leave but Jake grabbed my forearm. He tilted my head up and stared amazed.

" So you actually did mark her." Jake said in awe.

" Well it would of been a stalemate if it wasn't for my knee." Mike said glaring at me I smiled.

" You did good Mike. That was the closest I've gotten to losing."  I turned around to see a very pissed Ashley.

" You!" She pointed a finger at the boys. " The two of you are despicable. I'm running around looking for her to go over her wedding because Marcus has left it up to her and your all here goofing off marking her up!" Jake threw his hands up in surrender and Mike was looking at the two of them with curiosity

" Ashley I was training my new personal guard." I said softly. He looked at me in shock.

" New personal guard? I didn't think Demetri picked one for you yet."

" Demetri is trying to pick me a guard?" I said confused.

" He hasn't told you?" I shook my head no. " Well since yours got a disease awhile back and is in the infirmary and you haven't chosen one. They are having a competition tonight on it." I turned around to face Mike.

" You were already appose to be my personal guard?!" He shrugged. I started to shake in anger.

" Katie he never got told it was decided while he was out that week an got that disease." Jake said rushing over to me to calm me down. I didn't but I was a little less angry.

" Demetri needs to stop leaving me in the dark I'm getting tired of being the last to know." 

" Let's go talk to him then." Jake put my arm through his and we all headed towards the house.

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