I just stood there not knowing what to say. "Well miss what are you doing here?" Then it clicked he didn't recognized me. Let's see how much he'll tell me.

"The girl escaped and I got told to come get you sir." He looked confused at that.

"What girl?" Should I say my name or act like I don't know? Hm... 

"The blessed one." Deciding less info given the better.

"Wait what is she doing here?" It was my turn to frown.

"I got told that she was order to death."

"By whose orders?"

"Not sure sir Ryan told me."

"Stupid bastard can't follow orders. You said she escaped?" I nodded."Bet some idiot tried to kill her. You can't kill a blessed they drain from you to stay alive it won't kill you but if prophecies are right she's no normal blessed so Freya only knows what will happen." I got a flashback of Ryan on the floor.

"What will you do when you find her?"

"Nothing really probably assign some one to protect her ........."

"You locking her down?

"Heavens know we aren't animals girl I'll give her the choice, but that boy who is appose to be watching her is going to be in lots of trouble." I smiled up at this scary looking man.

"Well then I have something to say." He looked at me expectantly. "Ryan is dead from stabbing me." He looked confused for a second then his eyes widened in recognition.

"Your.... Your her?" I nodded and pulled my bangs from my face showing the pale kiss mark on my forehead. He started falling and I barely caught his head from hitting the table.


It wasn't long when he woke up with his head in my lap."Sir are you ok?"

"Yes I'm...I'm fine."He didn't sound sure but I let him go. "So tell me everything you know." I told him something told me I can trust this man."So this Marcus hasn't called you back?" 

"No I was appose to call him."

"Well you should call him I'll call Damon. Oh my names Demetri by the way." He extended his hand out and I took it.

"Katelyn but you can call me Katie." He smiled at that and called Damon. I took my phone out.

"Hey Marcus"

"This isn't Marcus."

"Who is this?" I demanded.

"How about you tell me who you are first?" Right then a girl burst into the door. She didn't even look at me she looked at the man on the phone.

"Commander we found a wolf shifter sniffing around and Jake shot him!" I lifted the phone to my ear.

"Is this Jake?" I asked calmly.

"How did you know that?!" He sputtered this in shock.

"Some girl came in here telling me you shot my friend!" I hung up and walked up to the girl."Where is Marcus?!" Demetri walked up and put his hand on my shoulder and nodded at the frightened girl. she wiggled out of my grasp and started running and we followed. The moment we wretched the door open to the outside I saw Marcus on the floor bleeding and a man standing over him. He had red hair and freckles he didn't look dangerousus but I'm learning appearances don't mean much these days.

The closer I got to this man the stronger I glowed I flicked my wrist up and willed wind to push him down. I felt a flash of power as it obeyed and he went sailing into a building and slumped down the wall. The girl ran after him yelling "Jake" but I kept going toward Marcus. Please Marcus be alive I begged as I knelt down and touched him. My glow moved like liquid flowing from my hand to his wound and I watched as his body healed. 

He let out a gasp ans changed. I blushed and turned my head away from his nude body and hugged the life back out of him. A blanket wrapped around us and he held me murmuring how he was ok and everything was going to be fine now.

"I thought you were dead Marcus!" I didn't realize I was crying til he whipped the tears away

"And leave you alone! No your stuck with me sweety." I nodded happily. "Besides I can't die yet I haven't made you want me enough obviously since your hanging on other men in the middle of the night." I laughed thinking ow wrong he was I loved him more then I'd care to admit. The thought was replaced with a new one. I loved him. I looked up at Marcus and kissed him until I realized he was nude and got embarrassed.

Standing up we went and found Marcus some clothes.

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