I went around some trees where I made sure no one could see me and slipped my clothes off. I then took my black bathing suit top out it had pink ruffle strap that went around my neck and white poke a dots. Then I put on black swim shorts over the matching bottoms. As soon as I slipped them on I heard foot steps approaching.

"It's just me Katie."

"Damon what if I was naked." I said as I went around the tree arms crossed. He just stood there staring at me. I snapped my fingers in his face getting his attention. "well?"

"Well then I'd be one happy and lucky guy and you wouldn't be in that bathing suit long." I went to tell him off but the growl that came from behind him stopped me. I looked at Marcus and just froze. He was shirtless and had blue trunks on that really bring out his eyes. I just stood there staring at his muscles... Well until Damon took that moment to pick me up.

"Damon put me down!" I yelled pounding on his back.

"Ok." I was thrown into the water. The water was deep then I expected I was out of breath by the time I reached the surface. I glared at his bent over figure he was laughing so hard he didn't notice my smile until it was to late and Marcus threw him in the water. This started a dunking war which I lost miserably.

I dragged my wet self out of the water and flopped down spread out in the sun. Damon came and sat next to me. "Hey Damon."


"So how will we know what I am?"

"Trust me we will know by tomorrow."


"Hey Katie?"


"Where are you sleeping tonight?"

"I don't know. Maybe the orphanage like last time unless they are full then where ever I can find a place to sleep why?" He got nervous so I sat up. "Damon?" I said it in a stern voice so he'd look at me.

"I was just thinking maybe you'd like to spend the night at my place."

"What about your family?"

"I'm eighteen Katie. I moved out."

"Oh... Sure." He smiled at me and hugged me. I couldn't help but smile back as I laid back down. Marcus came up to me with his hand out and I took it so he could help me back up. The three of us walked to where he had put a blanket down.

"So I know I can't cook like you Katie but you'll have to deal or not eat." I smiled up at Marcus's comment.

"She can cook?" Marcus laughed.

"No she can make food that causes you to orgasm with a taste." I laughed at that

"I'm not that good of a cook."

"Hell you aren't. I'd marry your food if it was legal Katie." I thought he was joking until I looked up at his face and wasn't so sure. Damon obviously wasn't sure either since he echoed my thoughts.

"Dude are you serious cause we can't tell?" Marcus nodded which caused me and Damon to give disbelief looks to each other. We sat down and took a bite of his food. I immediately spit it out.

"Marcus! This isn't food this is crap in my mouth." Damon busted up laughing eating his sandwich happily. Marcus took highly offense to my comment.

"I told you to not eat it if you don't like it." I just grumbled and took the bag of Cheetos. 


After we ate it started to get dark so we headed back to Damon's car. That's when it happened. at first we noticed how the animals weren't leaving like before then Marcus kept getting handsy. After a while Damon told me I was glowing. The worse didn't happen until we reached the car. The car was surrounded by animals everywhere and then Marcus grabbed me and wouldn't let go. He kept sniffing me. 

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