I knew I should of brought a jacket. Stupid John was running and the wind was cold and kept trying to pick my dress up. He keeps laughing about how someone wants me to flash him then he'd see my hand inching to my thigh and almost drop me. I think he is doing it so I don't stab him but he keeps playing stupid.

" Guess what?" He whispered in my ear.

" We are there?" I said cheerfully

" Uh.... No."

" Ugh."  He laughed but continued.

" You get to take your blind fold off now." 

" Really?" Automatically cheerful again. He put me on my feet and before I got my footing the blindfold was yanked off.  In front of me was a dirt path with lights streamed along in the trees and the ground. I heard the crunching of the leaves and turned to see John disappearing. There was a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and gave a small smile to Jake. 

" You ok?" I nodded. " Alright then Marcus is waiting. " I looped my hand in his arm and we slowly walked down the path.

" Jake what's going on?"

" You'll see."

" But.. "

" Katie calm down ok you'll be ok and if you don't like it after you see then I'll take you straight home ok?" I nodded feeling more sure. All of a sudden I felt a pain in my chest like I was stabbed. A tear trailed down my face but I wiped it away before Jake noticed and ignored the pain. 

" So I was thinking after what I did with Anthony earlier maybe I should try healing next. It could be useful. If you think that's a good idea." He stopped and just looked at me.

" Why are you asking me?"

" Cause I trust you and you seem to know more on survival then me."

" It's good to know the basics but I think you should follow your instinct on this."  We started to walk again.

"Ok" I was watching his thoughts pass by his face for so long I didn't notice the change of lights.

" Hey Katie we are here." I frowned then I looked in front of me and my mouth dropped.We were iat the cliff from our first date. there was a small cloth covered gazebo. The gazebo had white shear curtains with purple wild flowers in them. All along the edge were candles and in the middle Marcus stood in a tux. I slowly walked towards him. 

" Marcus what's going on?" I finally asked finding my voice as I stepped inside the circle of candles.

" I wanted this to be special and I know we haven't been dating long but when we watched the slaughter I realized just how much danger you are constantly in and figured I needed to do this soon before I lose you. Katie I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. You are my world and if you weren't here my heart couldn't bear it." I stepped closer more confused by his words. " I didn't know a more perfect place to do this."

" Do what Marcus?" I looked around then everything started to click and my eyes widened. He saw my expression and smiled before getting down on one knee. He opened a velvet box to produce a diamond shape garnet ring in a silver setting. It looked Celtic.

" Katie will you marry me?" I threw myself at him not able to contain my happiness. Not ale to find words I nodded. He was laughing but I didn't care I was to happy. " You still haven't answered."

"Yes Marcus. I'd want nothing else."  I said softly in his ear he pulled me away and slipped the ring on my finger. I stood there and stared at it for a while thinking for beautiful it is.

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